Lincoln Navigator jazz song

Originally posted by minotaur017@Jul 19 2004, 01:57 AM
Mr. Scruff- Get a Move On?
I just want to say thanks for the info and replying so quickly. Now, I'll check out some stores and see if it's sold-----Dave
Ok, I went through Ford Canada for this, which owns Lincoln. It's definitely not Get a Move On, but is a song that is impossible to find. After 2 months of research, Ford Canada emailed me back. I found out that the title song is "lunamotive" by I forget who. Anyway, I'll keep searching, cuz this is also getting on my teets. Cheers!
:p Although I do not recall the commercial my friend tells me that you can find it on the album "Another Late Night" which is a DJ series of CD's by a DJ group known as Fila Brazilia.

Hope this helps.
The commercial I JUST listened to WAS Mr. Scruff (or someone was doing a cover somewhere.) I guess they can change the music pretty easily these days.
Does anybody know the name of the song or band that is used in the lincoln ads. Tey have been using it for awhile
Would like to know about the sax tune on the Lincoln- Mercury commercial.
Hey everyone!!

I'm trying to figure out what song was on this new Lincoln commercial.. it might be a towncar commercial but I'm not sure!! It was jazz music, no lyrics. I have heard this song a million times, but can't seem to figure out the song or the artist... it's one of those ritzy-sounding jazz songs you see on movies (Like when Amanda is running to the fashion show on the movie What a Girl Wants)

Anyone seen the commercial and know what song this is!? I'm dying to know! :(
Does anyone know the name of the Lincoln car commercial theme songs...they're featured in all the commercials, it's jazzy and upbeat. thanks
I am looking for the music from an old SUV commercial. I think it was for Cadillac Esplanade, but I am not sure. It had a guy sitting in and SUV on the curb of what looks like New Orleans, drumming on his steering wheel, and a jazz type band is playing in the building. If anyone knows this it would be great.
No, the commercial I am taliing about wasn't Volkswagon. It was definatley a large sized black SUV. The car wasn't moving, it was sitting at the curb. The man was tapping to the music. The windows and doors may have been moving in synch with the music too though. At the end, a women gets in and they drive away, but most of the commercials is the man sitting in place and the band playing in the building.

Thanks though!
Ahh!!! ... somethin' I know!!!

It was an ad for the Lincoln Navigator (one of the first for it, btw) ...

Artist: Mr. Scruff
Song: Get A Move On


There you go.
I was told about a Cadillac commercial that's supposedly two years old. Supposedly has a jazz soundtrack. Might anyone know the title of the jazz track, or at least the style? (I don't remember the commercial... I'm just going by what people are telling me.)