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Linclon car commercial

Can anybody tell me the name of the song or jazz band that plays in the new Linclon town car commercials? I think the theme is "Living Well", it's a jazzy tune and I'd like to know the name of the band.
I'd also like to know what this song is. It's the new Lincoln LS commercial with the car going over the bridge and the large wave behind it I believe.
i want to say it's "get a move on" by mr. scruff...

a while back, the lincoln navigator used this song for it's commercial and it seems like the most recent lincoln ad i've seen has recycled the song in a different version...

don't know for sure though -- anyone else confirm?
you said it's a "jazzy tune" -- well, the mr. scruff song is jazzy, in so much as, it's got a horn prominent in it... but it's faster paced that typical jazz sounds.

maybe try downloading it??
DOH I just saw the 'mercial again and logged on to verify it's Mr. Scruff but someone beat me to the punch..
Durning the ad, a jazz troupe is playing a very upbeat tune. Generally we don't see them except in one ad where the driver is sitting outside of a building waiting for his wife and he starts playing with the mirrors, steps and other electrical things to the beat of the music. Doe's anyone know the name of the music or the group that did it?
The music is called "Get a move on" It is on the album Keep it unreal by Mr. Skuff. :)
It's Mr. Scruff, actually.. that one was answered a few months back ;) :)
Hi im looking for the jazz song from the lincoln navigator commercials.What is the name and where can i get a copy thanks. :D
The song is "Get a Move On" by Mr. Scruff. It's a remix of Moondog's "Bird's Lament".
Can anyone help me find out who did the music for the Lincoln commercials. The music has been in several different Lincon adds for quite some time now. It sounds like jazz but sampled and mixed...
Mr Scruff rules, so do all the Ninja Tune DJs. Check out Kid Koala if you like scratchy jazzish breakbeat.
i had tried searching for it, maybe i mispelled it....

thank you...

Ninja Tunes rock, coldcut is one of my favorites. props to anyone who can add "peter and the wolf" into a mix...