Lee Jeans "Find Your Voice"


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Lee Jeans "Find Your Voice"

I'm looking for the song from the jeans commercial, the one which all the girls shake their butts and goes to this chick singing the song playing the guitar and...
I don't remember. Anyway, I'd like to know the song that's used in that commercial. Anyone? I don't remember which product it was.
Let me describe how it goes...
First off, the voice (I believe it's a male voice) goes off 'Ahh,ahh,ahh' repeat again, and then drum starts...
The scene, chicks shaking their butts walking, the chick dancing, and this chick playing the guitar and this subtitle comes out saying 'Find Your Voice'...
Damn I can't find the ad anymore on TV....
is it for Lee jeans?

if it says 'find your voice' it might be the one that also goes 'find your one true fit'.
and all the girls are super skinny and you wonder how they have trouble finding jeans that fit...
Originally posted by lovethesongs@Nov 3 2004, 09:23 PM
I'm looking for the song from the jeans commercial, the one which all the girls shake their butts
That's every commercial ;)
:eek: :lol: :p
:arrow: Yep, the "find your voice" ads are for Lee Jeans. You can watch all the Lee Jeans "One True Fit" ads here. Also gives you info on the music.
Yeah! That's the one! I found it! "Karma" by The Rumor Mill.
I didn't think it was Lee jeans at all.
Anyway, thank you so much for the help, you guys!!
FYI: Rumor Mill (also known as J. Ralph's company) is just a production company that makes music for ads. I don't think full length copies of their stuff exists anywhere.
Well that sure does suck, that song is sick. It sounds like John lennon's voice from "A day in th life" If there is any further information on this track please post it. Also, does anyone have any suggestions for music similar to this? Check out the Starlight Mints and Okkerville river if you have not already.
J. Ralph has an album out, under the alias "Spy" that you can check out called "Music to Mauzner By." THe guy has done tons of songs heard in ads, just none full length (with the exception of the track on his CD that's from a VW ad).