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I can remember this older commercial of AE Jeans with a song I liked. It sorta sounds like that guy from "The White Stripes" who's singing it, in like a certain high-pitched voice you know, but I doubt it's him, MIGHT be him but.. anyways, in the commercial you pretty much see images of people with those jeans on, and I believe it were those sorta 3D images you know, they're still images but the camera can still zoom in and make a person behind another "still" person visible, in the beginning of the song you hear, I believe "multiple" voices say "Here it coooomes, here it coooooomes!...." then the song actually starts.
It sounded to me like it was a cover of The Rolling Stones "Nineteenth Nervous Breakdow" or at least so close that it should be admitted by whoever. Or it may have actually been The Stones. :unsure: This sample cuts off just before the part you're talking about.
Anyway it's a start.
k, thanks A LOT, I'll try some stuff to find it from there.
I actually didn't really find anything that sounds like it, but thanks anyways.