Lee Jeans One True Fit

I can't find anything on The Rumor Mill, J. Ralph, or the other 2 bands mentioned on the site, Avia and Mesmer A.V. Do the bands credited by Lee Jeans even exist?!? -Or are they just extremely unknown by all the search engines and music sites?

But in response to luvaddict, the song is definitely not Alicia Keys or Lloyd banks material, (even though, yes, they both have songs named "Karma").
J Ralph (www.jralph.com) is a composer of many well-known tracks for commercials.

The Rumor Mill (www.therumormill.com) is his production company.

Unfortunately most of his ad music is not available to the general public although he has released several albums which contain a few of his commercial scores.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Sophist you've done it! You have solved the riddle that has perplexed me for months. Thanks so much!
You too? I have been looking for that song for a while, at least we know where it comes from now!