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I've been looking through to forums the past few days and can't find any topics about the new Gap jeans commercial with the different types of jeans and people dancing... anybody know the song playing in this commercial?

thanks in advance.
I've been hunting for this song as well. Gap does its best to conceal the identities of their tunes.

I'm still not sure, but just to clarify, the commercial features a band that sounds very much like the yeah yeah yeahs, and is all blue/gray against a white background, featuring 60/70's psychadelic "paper cutout" type art swirling around the dancers.

Would also greatly appreciate help figuring out the band.
does anyone know the song title for the gap commercial whith the jeans?? it goes like:

"see that dream, up on the screen...."
I already answered this for somebody else here ...

Peaches - "Do Ya" - CD: Impeach My Bush

There you go.
impeach my bush. lol..

Um ... hehehe ... are you familiar with Peaches? For her, that's pretty mild ...
Check out some of her song titles and song lyrics if you need to familiarize yourself ... ;) :P :lol:

yea djeiffelt is rite
theres a song she wrote that blows impeach my bush out of the water
its called fuck the pain away
Its an upbeat rock song and the person singing is a girl. There is a bunch of crazy after effects and the comercial is for denium stuff. if anyone knows this song that would be sweet. thank you
Does anyone know the name of the song used in the new Gap commercial where people are dancing in front of sixties type designs that change with the beat of the song?

Thanks for any and all help!!
Hey theres the new Gap commercial i know everone has seen by now because iv seen it everytime i turn on the tv. But i was curious as to know the name of the band and song played in the commercial

(oh haha and sorry about my crummy spelling)
Haven't seen the ads. This may be completely unrelated, but I found this press release from Gap inc.

It mentions the release of a CD from gap with 8 exclusive recordings of "Classic Songs for New TV Spots"

And here they are, possibly one of these is what you heard, although I have no idea really.

Alanis Morissette “Crazy” (Seal)
Joss Stone “God Only Knows” (Beach Boys)
John Legend “Hello It’s Me” (Isley Brothers)
Michelle Williams “Let’s Stay Together” (Al Green)
Jason Mraz “One Love” (Bob Marley)
Keith Urban “Most People I Know Think I’m Crazy” (Billy Thorpe)
Brandon Boyd “Alison” (Elvis Costello)
Liz Phair* "Cheek to Cheek" (Irving Berlin)

And in fine print, liz phair's song is not included on the cd, instead the song
"Life on Mars" performed by Michelle Branch

Good luck.
Scratch that!

I'm an idiot, I need to learn to read dates

Fall 2005

Sooo yeah, back to square one.

Sorry for that glimmer of false hope