Gap Jeans dancing people

I'm not sure which commercial you mean, but if it's the same Gap ad that I see every time I turn on the tv, the song is "Do Ya" by the Peaches. (The only reason I know that, though, is because it's been mentioned on these forums a few times already.)
whats the song in the gap commerical where the peple are dancing and the song goes something like do ya do ya
I'm posting for a friend. There apparently is a Gap spot currently running with a song that was also used in trailers for the movie "Hitch."

I realize this is completely vague, but does anybody know what the track might be?

Thanks in advance ;-)

Does anyone know the name of the song in the new Gap commercial? It is an ad for denim, and its a female rock group.

Let me know if you know the name of the song or the artist!
Sry this is kinda vague, but i believe it was either a itunes or ipod or music playing cell phone commercial and the song goes either " I dun dun Want dun dun you dun dun to dun dun... then it says something then goes to " do ya dun dun do ya dun dun do ya dun dun do ya." i believe its a female singer possibly, not to sure though, or it could be " I dun dun am dun dun the dun dun one dun dun to..." then something and the do ya part. please help me, im going insane trying to find this song. its a fast paced song. thanks. (btw the dun dun is an electric guitar strum.)
It sounds like the same as the song from a recent GAP commercial.
Here's a clip.
It's by the Peaches called "Do Ya".
There was a gap commercial that came out a little while ago and the commercial was of everyone in jeans and they were all dancing and one of the lyrics was like

It's time to get on the scene
And make your own team"

I'm sure somebody knows what this is because it was on alot
thanks so much to anyone who can help!