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Does anyone know who does the music behind the new Kia Sportage Commercial. In the commercial a man is standing on the street in a city and a woman drops a set of keys out of her office window. The man on picks them up and drives off in the Kia Sportage, as soon as he gets out he tosses the keys to another person who does the same thing. This repeats throughout the commercial.
Don't think I've seen this one yet. Can you describe the music?
The commercial is on at the movies not T.V. so that is why you probably have not seen it. The music is new very hard to describe. I guess it is combination of hip hop and rock. It has a distinctive beat and timing that is in keeping with the editing. There at least 8 different people in different professions that drive the Kia and then hand off the keys. A baker, a married couple, a professional etc. Sorry I am not an expert on music.
I work at a movie theater, so I hear the song about 15 times a day...kinda catchy. I found the title..."Great Life" by Goat Boy...It's on the "I know what you did last summer" soundtrack.
Originally posted by sfajacks83@Feb 10 2005, 08:45 PM
"Great Life" by Goat Boy...It's on the "I know what you did last summer" soundtrack.
You can listen to an audio sample of the song here, track 12.
Anyone know the song from the Kia commercial, where the drivers keep tossing keys to random people walking by?

It's currently on the 20wenty at Regal Entertianment Cinemas.

Thanks in advance!
Haha I work at a movie theater too and hear it all over and over again. I liked it at first, but im sick of it already.
Its the song in that kia car commercial, It was on TBS I believe, It had a real hard beat and real bassy low octive vocals, olmost a rappish style, but more rockish/indie sounding, any one? please? - Levi
Anyone know the song in the new KIA Sportage SUV commercial?
The lyrics include "Start living a new life...." or something like that.
Whats the name of the song to that new Kia Sportage Comercial where everyone is tossing the keys around to other people. Its somthing like "Start haveing a great life".
The song is catchy and I can't get it out of my head but the commercial isn't enough for me to remember what it was. :blink:

Does anyone know this song and whom it's by...
"Start living a great life - start living with inspiration"? (Something like that)

Thanks! :D
It's a Kia commercial and the lyrics to the song include "Start having a great life." Anyone know anything? Thanks.
The name of the band is Goatboy and the song is called Great life. I just found it and am listening to it right now.