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Kia Amanti

Hey, I am looking for the name of the song used on the new Kia Amanti commercial. I have been looking for the name forever. This song has also been used in the TV commercial for WrestleMania XIX for GameCube as well as at the beginning montages of WrestleMania XVIII and XIX. Thanks!
Just saw the commercial again. Sorry it is not just the Amanti, it is showing many Kia cars, I found the commercial located here:

It is under tv spots and then Bill of Rights.

Oh, I read some people thought it was "Journey to the Line" from "The Thin Red Line" by Hans Zimmer but I listened to all 9:21 of it and that is not it. Thanks again!
I've also been looking for this music. It sounds somewhat similar to the end theme of the "Freedom Rising" presentation at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA.

I found a track listing of the music played, and it might just be commercial source music from these guys:

I searched around the website, and it says they've done work for KIA.

Hope this helps, and good luck finding it!
I FINALLY found it! It IS by Hans Zimmer, but it is not from The Thin Red Line. It is track #18 on the Pearl Harbor Expanded Score titled "International Trailer." This score is not available for sale as far as I can find but luckilly I was able to find the song!
Kia "Auto Bill of Rights"

Okay, so the music in the background of the Kia "Auto Bill of Rights" commercials is by Steve Jablonsky, who did the Pearl Harbor International Trailer.

You can preview the song's called Trailblazing.

go to, and click on "Get Music"

Go the Director's Cuts, and sort by Composer, then Steve Jablonsky.

It's the DCD004_01: Trailblazing track.

I am so happy I finally found this. I found it earlier today when I got the 18th track from the Pearl Harbor extended score called "International Trailer." I am glad to know who actually wrote it though! Thanks a lot guys!
I find it odd the the song right under Trailblazing on that site is the music from the domestic Pearl Harbor Trailer which IS from The Thin Red Line. I swear that was by Hans Zimmer. Oh well I am not complaining.
Yeah, that is strange. Who knows. I did notice that Hans Zimmer has done work for Extreme Music too, so maybe he borrowed Jablonsky's composition.
I found it. THIS IS FOR REAL. This is the Kia Amanti song when the guy is talking to the swimmers on the beach. Just to tell you though, it is a copyright. So it may be difficult to download.

Here are the steps(EASY TO FIND):
1) Go to (Thanks to enjoyale81)
2) Click on "Get Music " headline at the bottom.
3) Click the "Director's Cut" headline at the top.
4) Click on "Album Name."
5) Click on "Drama."
6) It will be the first song called TRAILBLAZING by STEVE JABLONSKY.

Hope whoever is reading this, finds it. ENJOY!