1. E

    Kia Sign It & Drive It Sales Event "Soul and Sorento Celebration"

    I've seen a couple commercials that I've been like "what's that song?!" The first is the Kia Soul/Sorento Sign It and Drive It sales event. Any help finding the tunes would be appreciated.
  2. archimedes00

    2014 Kia Optima "Scarf"

    I just saw this tonight. Does anyone know who the Ad agency is that produced this ?
  3. S

    Kia Cerato Hatch

    Hello fellow song seekers, I am looking for the song that features during this 30 second commercial for the Kia Cerato Hatch that plays in New Zealand: . It's rather hard to make out but I believe the lyrics are as follows: "Cause I've been found and I've been thinking cause I'm in love. Cause...
  4. desktop

    2013 Kia Picanto

    hi what is the song to this tv advert 2013 please
  5. E

    Kia "Sign It and Drive It"

    Can anyone identify the piece of electronica used in this Kia ad? Posters at YouTube claim it to be a remix of "Little Animals" by Brinnon Tides; others say it's an original piece for the Kia commercial. Can anyone here provide a source for this music? Thanks!
  6. S

    2014 Kia Forte "Respect the Tech"

    Trying to find the music in this new KIA commercial. It's a "Respect the Tech" one but not the one from the Super Bowl. It has the a guy riding in the KIA with the robot. At the end of the commercial she moves a light post to get birds from crapping on the car. It's a soft, almost ethereal music.
  7. S

    2014 Kia Sorento "Landscape" Canada

    I've been seeing a Kia commercial (believe it's for the Sorrento) where a family is driving through a forest and animations start popping up in the forest while they're driving. Lyrics go something like "Oh yeah, you got me flyin'. Oh yeah, you got me smilin'." Ends with "fly awayyyy" and the...
  8. L

    Kia Optima 2013 Canada

    Anyone know the music in the background of the new Youtube ad for the Canadian Kia Optima 2013? It's a white model and it's driving along some 'salt flat'. There's this really intense techno music in the background that just caught my attention for whatever reason and it's killing me ! I can't...
  9. B

    2013 Kia Optima SX Limited

    Does anyone know the song used in this ad?
  10. Y

    2013 Kia Sorento "Read Your Mind"

    So there might be another topic about this but I've been trying to figure out the name of both these songs for these commercials. They very well might be the same song with just different sections taken out, but they could be 2 different songs entirely. With a little digging it seems as...
  11. O

    2012 Kia Rio

    Ok I saw this topic a little below but this is a differnt comemrical, the one I want to know the song for has a grey kia rio driving thorugh some streets and at one point the streets go dark and the music stops, then starts again... if you can get me the name of the song I will be so thankful...
  12. F

    2012 Kia Rio

    Does anyone know what the song is for the 2012 Kia Rio ad? I can't find it on Youtube, but it shows a guy playing a stringed instrument, plays some electronic-ey beat, and has some female vocals toward the end.
  13. D

    Kia Australian Open

    Dudes! what's the name of this song! Thanks!
  14. G

    2012 Kia Sorento

    Hey does anyone know the absolute newest 2012 Kia Sorrento ad song? It is only music with no lyrics and is currently running on TV lately. I think the ad shows a push button start like the 2011 Sorrento ad but the music is different from the 2011 non lyric song, Any help, thanks in advance!!
  15. ManicRaider

    New Kia commercial featuring multiple models

    I can't put any specific model because it features multiple ones such as Optima, Soul, Sorento etc. The music is smooth but I'm not sure what genre to place it under. Anyway if anyone has seen it, do you know what song it is?
  16. Navstar

    2012 Kia Soul Hamster "Party Rock Anthem"

    2012 Kia Soul Hamster "Party Rock Anthem" This aired yesterday. Anyone know the song?
  17. B

    2012 Kia Sorento

    2012 kia sorrento song is i think the OLD 97S, GRAND THEATRE. IT IS FROM THERE NEW ALBUM. I CAN'T BE POSITIVE BUT I LISTENED TO THE CD ALL THE TIME AND I THINK THAT IS IS IT. GO TO to ask the band themselves.:)
  18. M

    Kia Picanto

    I love this song, do you know what's the name? Regards.:)
  19. S

    Kia Optima

    Does anybody know the song in this video?
  20. S

    2011 Kia Sorento

    Has anyone seen the brand new Kia sorento commercial? The one with the kia sorento car driving around in the city at night and there is this song playing without lyrics. I search youtube for the commercial but they don't have it. If you seen the commercial can you give me the name of the song.