2013 Kia Sorento "Read Your Mind"


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So there might be another topic about this but I've been trying to figure out the name of both these songs for these commercials.

They very well might be the same song with just different sections taken out, but they could be 2 different songs entirely.

With a little digging it seems as though there is a consensus that the tune used in "Call it" is by a group named
Wildcat! Wildcat!

The name of that song is Wildcat! Wildcat! - Mr. Quiche (The Dirty Tees Official Remix)

There is also the
which it could be taken from.

Then for the 2nd commercial
I can't tell if it also by the same group, a completely different song of theirs or a sample of a different song by a different group entirely.

Someone mentioned that the tune used in "Call It" was only created for that commercial and is only that 30sec snipit.
I'm basically jut trying to get more opinions on the matter to see if I really have found the song, as I know other people are curious about it too.