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I remember seeing the first few episodes of Keen Eddie in the summer. It got cancelled, but it's on Bravo this month.

I couldn't believe New Order's Crystal was featured in one of the episodes. Who would have thought New Order would ever be on network TV. Orbital and a bunch of other great tracks are on this Dramedy. Totally fits because it's about an american cop who goes to London, so the whole series is based in London, and you know how those UK folk love their progressive beats.

I can't remember the rest of the tracks, I think there was some Love and rockets.
I would love to know where I can get a copy of the Archies' Sugar Sugar remix that was featured in the Keen Eddie pilot.


Look through this list at The Covers Project -- there are several to check out. I can't remember the song exactly, so I can't be of any help in narrowing down. Sorry. :(

Track listing from the show:
"The Art of Losing" by American Hi-Fi (as heard in promos)
"One Step Beyond" by Madness
"Can't Say No" by Lowgold
"Crystal" by New Order
"Burning Man" by Daniel Ash
"Sugar, Sugar" by Ron Dante/The Archies
"Hawaiian War Chant" by Bob Willis & His Texas Playboys
"Can't Say No" by Lowgold
"Message To You, Rudy" by Specials
"One Step Beyond" by Madness
"Never Squeal" by Ween
"Spooky" by Daniel Ash

That just singles out Ron Dante from the Archies, but I couldn't find a CD with the song on it by him... So I'm not sure what that means... :unsure:
Thanks Michelle. I saw that one. Unfortunately the song that played in the episode had a cool arrangement and remix that could not have been Ron Dante. I'm stumped.
anyone know what song is played at the end of the "eddie loves baseball" episode?
thnx in advance.
Cool! Now what about the song in the following episode, "Inciting Incident", the last part when he lies back on his bed?

This is a long shot, but does anyone here know the name of the song played in the last instances of the episode "Inciting Incident"? The only other time I've ever heard it I was at the mall (oddly enough on my birthday, and one othe few times I've set foot in a mall lately) and I have no idea who it is.
I wanted to know the song from the end of the KEEN EDDIE "Citizen Cecil" episode, so I thought I'd pass the info along since it doesn't seem to be documented on any other sites I've seen so far.

Duran Duran -- "Hungry Like the Wolf" (heard during robbery at beginning of episode)

Dirty Vegas -- "Days Go By" (heard when Cecil tracks down the first robber at a party)

Bent -- "Beautiful Otherness" (heard at the end of the episode)
Yeah, I was wondering if Nate was gonna say something about that episode. Wasn't there a few other Duran Duran songs? I think I remember "Is There Something I Should Know?" too..
I'm glad I'm not the only one trying to figure that song out.

Though I don't know the song title, here's what I've been able to make out from the lyrics:

I've been so long without you,
I try not to think about you,
but I do.

I know that I (something?)
I go no right to call your number (?) (I'm not sure about that last word)
but I do.

After that, the credits roll and the music changes.
As usual, the music on Keen Eddie is amazing. One bit I didn't know was on tonites episode "Black Like Me", and it ended with a sample "and that's what being a superhero is all about". Any ideas?
When was the song you're after in the episode?

So far, the only song I've looked up is the one at the very end of the episode... Which, for others interested, I'm 99% positive the song is "Pretty" by Reno. (haven't been able to find an audio sample to confirm it, but the lyrics match...)
did anyone recognize the second to last song in this episode? the one that was playing when eddie arrested cecil? i always considered myself pretty good with music, working in a record store and whatnot, but i swear i need to watch this show with a dj or something!

So, I saw this episode again and took notes on all the songs...

Duran Duran -- "Hungry Like the Wolf" (beginning of episode and song guy is playing on the accordian)

Duran Duran -- "Is There Something I Should Know" (when warning the last robber about Cecil)

Dirty Vegas -- "Days Go By" (heard when Cecil tracks down the first robber at a party)

Groove Armada -- "Madder" (Heard when Cecil gets caught by Eddie)

Bent -- "Beautiful Otherness" (heard at the end of the episode)

Songs I can't figure out, but here are the lyrics I jotted down:

(Heard when robber/guy falls through roof) -- Sounds like BT to me, but I can't find anything...
"Bloody Hell/It doesn't matter who you know/cause this is real life"

(Heard when Eddie is doing the dishes) -- Upbeat loungy sound
"What's this game that you're playing"
So, that's all I got. Anyone that's interested can help in figuring out those last few songs... :)
Is the theme for Keen Eddie just for the show, or is it a song they modified to fit the intro? If its a full song, anyone know what it is?
What I've found is the theme song was done by Daniel Ash and is called "Lights Out." It is apparently a hidden track on his self titled album "Daniel Ash." He's also contributed a lot of other music to the show as well, from the same album.
Okay, I just read that the theme is called "Mastermind." Still on the same album I mentioned in my last post. :)