Just had to.....

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I realize I haven't been around much at all lately, skitzophrenically busy, but soon I may come back to this board to post near-regularly....just wanted to get as many people aware of this as possible. I really want this to happen in our generation!
Well hopefully sooner, like in my generation.. you being 4 and all. :naughty:
Alas, you are correct! Some days I feel as if I am 22 but, then again, I suppose I will be 22 in another 18 years.

le sigh.....just another 15 years till I can drink legally though i'm started spiking the milk. :blink:
19's the legal drinking age in Canada?? Damn I coulda had a two year head start!
Yupp! 19 In Canada for legal drinking age. It worked out perfectly for me when I went to Vegas this year, 21 and able to drink! Woo!!

I mean...errr...it was a friend who went to Vegas....not me....i'm 4 and innocent and all that's good in this world NOT BENT ON WORLD DOMINATION!

I asked JAMIE D, not andy.......................

you're a weird poor fuck. :D
do you people want me to unsubscribe (if possible) from adtunes 'cause I literally start to HATE this place. bunch of weird people on here. andy, you're my number 1 on that list. it's not everyone, it's just a few, I'm not saying any names. I know another site now that's similar to this so yeah....
and it's only this place, ya know, this place that angers me for whatever reason, so it's not me. just so ya know.
Well luckely you're my number 1 on my most favourite adtunes people so alright then, if you really want me to stay lol.
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