JCPenney Christmas

The song is a mash-up of Bing Crosby and The Andrews' Sisters' "Here Comes Santa Claus" and of course Fatboy Slim's "It's a Wonderful Life" But from what I can find, this song was only created for the commercial, there is no full length version..only 30 seconds or a minute. You can get both songs seperately on iTunes.
Just saw a holiday gift commercial for jc penny (apparently now jcp) which was fast paced and had a lot of gifts flying around.... sounded like a mash up, something like "its a wonderful life, its a wonderful day, ... repeat) mashed up with some christmas tune. Any ideas? It was groovin' almost a techno/pop combo that was very infectious. Thanks!
I think that's the one with the re-mix of "It's A Wonderful Night" by Fatboy Slim. i have no idea who did the remix (norman cook himself?) but that's the base tune.

That's it (at least the original song)! Thanks for the super quick response. God I love the internet.