JCPenney Christmas

the words at the end with the red present are "break it on down" and i dunno where they come from, but i do love this mix, and thanx 2 every1 who mentioned the fatboy slim mix, and the christmas portion, now if only there was a way to get the whole mix, even if it is only like a min or 2. if any1 gets it, post it on here!
ok so i checked out all the songs mentioned, and the only 1 cool enough by itself is the fatboy slim song, and that's not even a christmas song. its just not cool unless they're all mixed 2gether in a techno christmas carol. hopefully jc penny will let us download it somehow...has any1 checked their website? or tried just searching the web?
i saw christmas commercial on mtv and all i know is the lyrics to part of the song. it was a song that mixed 2 songs together and one part of the lyric (the one i want) is : it's a wonderful night, come take it from me.
I'm looking for the music from I believe either Target or Old Navy. Basically goes like this...

Guy sings:
....It's a beautiful life, c'mon and take it from me
....It's a beautiful life..
Girls cut in:
....Here comes Santa Clause
....Here comes Santa Clause

Just trying to figure out if there's a full length version of this or if it's just a jingle made up for the commercial.

Thanks in advance
I'm looking for the song in the current Macy's commercial which is a remix medley of Here Comes Santa Claus and It's a Wonderful Life. I'm not positive it's one song, or if it's specially put together for the commerical, but if it's out there, I'd love to know what it's called! Thanks so much.
OK, I think I have the answer!

From what I can tell and based on the information already posted here there are two songs "Here Comes Santa Clause" by Bing Crosby w. The Andrews Sisters and "Wonderful Night" by Fatboy Slim. Both songs are available on iTunes.

You can give credit to the ad agency who put the spot together for creating a fun mix. Someone already asked the question "I wonder if Penney's will make it available". Having worked in advertising, it's not likely, but we can hope for a Christmas miracle! ;)
I know this is really vague, but I heard this commerical in the background the other day and I'm pretty sure it was for Target, but there was a mix of some song and some remixed Christmas song (I know-really vague!) but I really liked the Christmas song and the remix it was in, so if anyone knows, could you please help me? Also, I'm pretty sure that the commercial I'm thinking of is not the one with "Fly Me Away" or "Number 1" (Goldfrapp). Thanks so much, and I'm sorry its vague.

PS. It might not have been a Target commercial, but I think it was...sorry! :(
Was it JC Penney?

"Here Comes Santa Claus" mixed with Fatboy Slim's "Wonderful Night?"
I saw this commercial also.....very awesome music.....hopefully someone knows what it is...I didn't exactly hear the commercial, either. I don't know if fatboy slim was included within it.
Wow, that was fast! Thanks so much you guys, it was the JC Penney commercial with "Wonderful Night" (FatBoy Slim) and "Here Comes Santa Claus!" Thank you SO much! :D
I need the name of the New Christmas song in the JC Penny TV Commercial. It's the updated version of 'Here Comes Santa Claus'.

Ms Annette
Is there another version of "Wonderful Night" that includes the "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" mix?

What is the name of the song and artist of the song for (I believe) the target commercial (i could be wrong) but it starts out with a "here comes santa clause here comes santa claus" in the old/classic style girls voice and then switches to "its a wonderful night c'mon and take it from me,its a wonderful night c'mon and take it from me" in some guys voice... all in all its a remix of the classic [here comes santa claus]
from previous entries they have discovered that the <its a wonderful night> is fatboy slim-"wonderful night" and the <here comes santa claus> is "Here Comes Santa Claus"- Andrews Sisters and Gene Autry
ok so ive been searching for hours ive heard this song before but cant remember the name or who sang it. it's in the new sears comercial and kinda goes (i think) it's a wonderful life gonna... but i have no idea who does it and its so catchy! anyone know the name or the artist? thanks!
Or is it JC Penney and the song is a mix of "Here Comes Santa Claus" and Fatboy Slim's "Wonderful Night?"