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Hey guys,

On the newest jc penny commercial they have three songs going and one of the songs, the lyrics states something like, “it’s a wonderful life” there are also some “na na nas” but I don’t know who the artist is. Does anyone know??

Who sings this holiday music/ hip hop mix? Where can I find it? And more like it?
That's the right ad. I would love to know who does this song also. It has a great retro sound in it.
YES...the JC Penny Christmas mix is what I'm looking for too. The youtube ad is it but it would be great to find the artists. Any ideas?
Thanks...any other ideas on the front end of the commercial.
Thanks again!
Ok, I'm pretty sure the front end is Bing Crosby with Fatboy Slim mixed in.
The Bing Crosby song is on "The Polar Express" soundtrack. It's on itunes.
I'm new here. Just love the remix in the background of Here Comes Santa Claus featuring the Andrews Sisters and Gene Autry.

I imagine the answer is no, but is this commercially available?
According to someone on YouTube:

"i work for i dig music in chicago and we did this track. the hear comes santa clause line is the andrew sisters, bing is bing. curly, that voice on the line your love is a cat named Lateef, i think he really ties in all of the additional programing and vocal samples.
fun to do... funny you mention a full version, the usa fat boy people brought up the idea of us blowing the whole thing out into a full remix...i think we have a minute plus version the 30 was cut from. email the label and his management and tell them you want to hear a full version from us"

So, not yet, but hopefully!
My question for a song is on the same commercial but its at the end....where they say come on and bring it on down or something like that. I don't if that's a whole song but its played a lot of times at the very end where the red box with JC Penney in it appears. let me know if anyone can figure that out.
The second part of the commerical is the song "Wonderful Night" by Fatboy Slim. It's not a Christmas song, but it's a great dance song. Hope this helps!
There is a recent music medley song that's on a JCPenny Commerical promoting Christmas stuff. The main theme of the song is "Here comes Santa Clause" but it also has another song mixed into that song and it sounds like Adam Levine from Maroon 5 but I'm not quite sure. Can anyone figure out who that other artist is singing and what the full song is called?

It's a pretty cool mix of Here Comes Santa Clause but I don't if it's a new mixed song/medley that you can get anywhere or not.
It is a mix of "Here Comes Santa Claus" and what I believe is Fatboy Slim's "Wonderful Night". I'm pretty sure of it. Like...99% of it, LoL. :lol:
In the new holiday JC Penny ads, there is a mix of holiday music,but there is a song with a man singing, "it's a wonderful life...."? does anyone know what song that is????? I keep singing it and so many people like the song too, but no one knows what it is.
Fatboy Slim's "Wonderful Night"

Artist: Fatboy Slim Lyrics
Song: Wonderful Night Lyrics

Yeah Yeah

Its a wonderful night, you gotta take it from me
Its a wonderful night, (come on and break it on down )
Its a wonderful night, you gotta shake it for me
Its a wonderful night.
Its a wonderful night, everybody can see
Its a wonderful night, (come on and break it on down)
Its a wonderful night, go ahead and release
Its a wonderful night, (come on and break it on down)
There's a commercial I see periodically that has Bing Crosby and (I think) the Andrews Sisters singing "Here Comes Santa Claus," and then it breaks into a song with the lyrics "It's a Beautiful Night..."

The second song is upbeat, male singer...

What's the song??

the song's name is "It's A Wonderful Night" and it is performed by Fatboy Slim