1. nmichave

    JCPenney "Fairy Tales"

    Shazamed it and soundhounded it but no luck. Commercial just ran on the Oscar telecast. Anyone recognize the song?
  2. S

    JC Penney Joe Fresh

    JC Penney Joe Fresh commercial played during the Oscars last night. Anyone know who plays/sings it?
  3. B


    This commercial has the lyrics "You make me dance, you make me sing, you make me feel alive" A woman is singing. Anyone knows who sings this? Thanks!
  4. S

    JCPenney Introducing MNG by Mango

    Just saw the commercial about 30 seconds ago. I looked on YouTube and couldn't find the commercial. It had a catchy techno beat. This is NOT the commercial
  5. V

    JCPenney Appreciation Sale holiday

    The ad has been appearing a lot and I've been wondering what song is being used. It's by a girl and the only lyrics I could make out of it was, "This is love," or something to that extent.
  6. J

    JCPenney Liz Claiborne

    Has anyone seen the new JC Penney/Liz Claiborne commercial where the song playing is by a woman and the lyric is like ..."I feel a little bit older, I see you look over your shoulder'. Anyone have any idea what song this is?
  7. farbeyond

    JCPenney Back To School "Picture Day"

    Hey I just saw a commercial for JcPenney advertising for back to school 2010 merchandise/sales. The theme/title of the commercial was picture day. The song used in the commercial is: Christian TV Band - "123 Turnaround"
  8. L

    JCPenney "Luxury of You"

    Various models being happy. One falls into a pool, another in animal print is lying on grass. The voiceover is saying a new dress, shoes, ring, etc. can make a new you. The song is a repetitive pop/dance tune with female vocals. Any ideas?
  9. K

    JCPenney "Anthem"

    Does anyone know the name of the peppy song with the interesting chord pattern currently airing on JC Penney commercials (as of late March)? It's none of the ones I've seen posted here. Thanks!
  10. D

    JCPenney "Anticipation"

    I saw a new ad for JC Penny in the Oscars. Found the song it's called "Anticipation" by Bluest Skies. Not available for download anywhere yet though.
  11. S

    JCPenney in-store

    Hello, I heard a song in JCPenney a few weeks ago and it went something like this: "You're like a stream running through my mind" and then shortly afterward "know I love you" is repeated several times. It had a female singer and was a slow song. Kind of sounded like Annie Lennox. Any help...
  12. C

    JCPenney "Eyes of a Child" holiday

    Hi, I recently visited Las Vegas and while staying there I watched an advert on TV, that I'm sure is for JCPenney, but I could be wrong. It was a Christmas 2009 ad and I would like to know what the background music was, while the advert was playing. The advert is basically about a kid...
  13. K

    JCPenney Doorbuster October 2009

    Trying to find the name of the track played in a JCPenney Doorbuster ad I saw around Oct 29th 2009. It was an electronic/breakbeat track, help please!
  14. C

    JCPenney 2009 Fall Back To School "Lunchroom Runway"

    does anyone know the name of the dance song that's playing in this commercial? it's a guy who's singing ... if that helps. it'sa fairly new commercial, only came out about 2 weeks ago. has anyone seen it?
  15. ImtryingtoSleep

    JCPenney "Stepping Up Our Style"

    Know what the song is?
  16. L

    JCPenney "Lights Out" holiday

    Hear it at the included link. If the primary video doesn't launch, open the first one on the left column of video thumbnails. thanks, logan
  17. NReluctant

    JCPenney "Couples" holiday

    What is the song on the new 2008 JCPenney Holiday Commercial. It goes like this: give just a little of yourself to me, my heart is in the moment, my hands are here to give to you. I really would love to get this song, I jusu need to know the name of it and who sings it. Thanks! :D
  18. O

    JCPenney Fall Fashion "Migration"

    hello! there is a new j c pennys commercial out where everyones walking and they all end up in a field by some tree.. theres a female singing.. its kindof trip hop ish.. anyone know who teh artist is?? thanks!!
  19. jca

    JCPenney Breakfast Club "Get That Look"

    JCPenney is running a new commercial called "High School Cinema" as part of their "Get That Look" back-to-school campaign that recreates "The Breakfast Club". The TV ad features a cover of the Simple Minds song: "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by New Found Glory Get it at Amazon. As part of the...
  20. NeRoSBLaZe

    JCPenney Father's Day parade

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with the music to the new JCPenney Father's Day sale ad? It shows a whole bunch of father's walking down the street as a parade goes down the street. It sounds kinda like marching band music turned into an indie p\rock kinda feel to it. Any help...