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I saw a new ad for JC Penny in the Oscars. Found the song it's called "Anticipation" by Bluest Skies. Not available for download anywhere yet though.
The name of the JCPenney ad is "Anticipation", and the lyrics include "bluest skies", but I can find no information on an artist by that name or a song by that name.
Here is what they sent me -

We appreciate your taking the time to contact us.

The song is - Anticipation by "Bluest Skies"

Customers like you are our most valuable resource for creating the optimal shopping experience. Thanks again for your email. We look forward to serving you in the future. Customer Service
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got another email from them that now says the song is called "Bluest Skies" and the artist is Jess Penner.
New JC Penney Spring Style 2010

Wondering what the song is that's used in the JC Penney Spring Style commercial where the group of girlfriends gets together on the street and hugs, etc. I just saw it tonight (Sun. 3/21) on ABC and if I can find a video and/or more info. I'll add it ASAP.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Fondest Regards,
Re: New JC Penney Spring Style 2010

This one?

At this time there is only the 40 second clip, on Jess's site she listed where to write in order to request that they write more for it. If you're interested you can e-mail jim (at) and put in your request for the song to be reproduced in full length fashion.
I actually emailed Christy Van House (christy at hestkramer dot com) and got this response:

"We’re thrilled to hear that you enjoy our work, and appreciate your reaching out to us.

I only wish we had the ability to finish the song and publish it! As the songwriter/producers, we are held under strict agreements with JCPenney and their advertising agency, which prohibits us from publishing the song. Technically our clients own it, so unless they were to request us to finish it, our hands are tied.

My suggestion to you would be to let JCPenney know how you feel. They are a very receptive company, in our experience, and would likely be happy to know that they’ve got a hit on their hands!

We at Hest & Kramer would love to see it go further as well.

Thanks again for your thoughtful note. It means the world to us when the public digs our stuff."

So it looks like we need to swarm JCPenney with the song requests to see anything come of it.
I got a similar response...

Hi Samantha,

Thanks for the kind words. We wrote the song “Bluest Skies” for JC Penney, and they own the rights. There has been some talk of doing a full length. We are waiting to hear from JCP. If that happens, I will let you know as soon as possible.

All the best,
Christy Van House