Jaguar XJ8L and S-Type


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Can any one tell me the song from the Commerical for the Jagur XJ8 commerical....i think its the commerical with the words Envy, Lust (i forgot the others). I really like the song so if someone could help it would be appreciated
My son just loves that song that is on the new Jaguar commercial but we don't know what it is. He tells me that it was on Kill Bill 1, but it's not on either of the Kill Bill sounds tracks! To further annoy us it can be heard on ESPN radio's Dan Patrick Show--who and what is that song?!?

Thanks, Andy

PS: The add is for the new s series and it is mostly dark with close ups of the grill, sidepanels etc. The song has a lot of horns, then silence with nothing but percussion. Bout as well as I can describe it!
Can you give us a little bit more information such as the model type and a brief description of the commercial?
Tomoyasu Hotei - "battle with honor or humanity" off the kill bill vol 1 soundtrack
Does anyone know the music from the new Jaguar commercial with the 7 deadly sins?

Please help!
There's a thread started on this already by tandemdrifterjoe - (sorry,don't know how to link to other threads),so this needs merging.Have seen the ad,but unfortunately didn't recognize anything,could have been written for the ad...(and I don't mean by that that because I didn't recognize it means it doesn't exist!!! Does that sound loopy?!? Been on the ole vino collapso tonight!One of these days I'll get someone to show me how to use emoticons,etc - they're so eloquent!)
haha I know this one!

its Battle without Honour by Tomoyasu Hotei (from Kill Bill 1 Soundtrack)

Yes yes i am the man. :D
nooooooo, now it looks like i just copied the guy above me! :angry: but i found it out all on my own! i swear B)
Used the search function, and I couldn't find anything for this ad. If anyone knows the song that they play on the JaguarUSA ad it would be awesome if you could help me out. I've been searching for this song for a while, I saw the Jag ad and totally freaked out. It's a pretty short ad, and it ends with a black screen that says "". Kinda sounds James Bondy, but I know it's not.

Please help out, and thank you.
If you are talking about the Jaguar commerical that has the 7 deadly sins and the Jaguar XJ8L is the 8th sin its the song from 'Kill Bill vol. 1' song name Battle Without Honour or Humanity artist Tomoyasu Hotei.
I saw a Jaguar Commercial recently and I recognized the music but I don't know the name of it. I think it is the same music used in the Kill Bill film. Does anybody know the name and artist of this band.
I love the music being played in the background of the latest Jaguar commercials. It sounds so familiar. Does anyone know what it's from, how it's titled? Has it been played in any movie? Thanks for your time and effort.


I noticed the new 2005 Jaguar XJ(?) commerical uses the same punchy music as in the "Team America: World Police" TV spot. This TV spot is not on the Team America official site, it's actually a trailer which is being shown on Comedy Central right now.

Can any of you tell me what's the name of that music?


Ahh I found it :lol:

Battle without Honor or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei

The intro is the best party, the other parts of it aren't as good. But still a really cool song. B)
Can anyone tell me the song in the new Jaguar commercial?
The commercial is a red jaguar and the song sounds like it might be the Mission Impossible theme.
Anybody know?
If you email them they will give you the song name. I did it with the commercial to the Jaguar XJ 8L commercial. :D