1. G

    2012 Jaguar XF

    Anyone know what this music is? "This is the 2012 Jaguar XF". Thanks! -G
  2. S

    Jaguar "Machines"

    Anyone know the song used in this ad?
  3. K

    1995 Jaguar XJ

    From the 1995 promotional video for the Jaguar XJ, I am interested in the background music (swinging jazz style) in the segment "The transformation of a classic" (~1:08). Here is the link: YouTube - 1995 Jaguar XJ (X300) promotional video
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    Jaguar XFR and XKR

    here it goes, any idea jaguar xf diesel s 2009 other versions of the spot great song and nicely made clip
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    This one has only been airing recently in the USA (to the best of my knowledge), because I looked at all the Jaguar threads from months ago and they don't appear to be it. My search-fu has apparently failed me as well. It's the Jaguar ad with the greenish cast and the desert-type landscape...
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    Jaguar XJ6 "Moving"

    Can someone please tell me the song in this commercial of the older, most beautifull Jaguars ever? haha. Heres the video: Its called "Moving" Thanks!
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    Jaguar XJ

    anyone know the song from it? there's no words...
  8. C


    Does anyone know the song for the newest Jaguar commercial. The commercial is of a man speed driving, not much going on in the commercial besides him driving.
  9. W


    Hello, I'm hoping to find out the name of the band & song for the newest jaguar XK convertible on the TNT Network as of 8/6/06. The "hook" lyric sounds like .."a girl's attractive..." thanks to all you audiophiles out there.
  10. T


    i don't know if this is a local commercial or not but it has this really funky rock song. can anyone help. and if this has been answered before, sorry.
  11. Z

    Jaguar XK

    The song I'm looking for was in the commercial for the new Jaguar XK coupe and convertible that aired last night during the first commercial break of lost. this song was also in the pilot episode of Heist. the only Lyics i remember are "I took my camera out" Can anyone help
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    Jaguar S-Type

    Okay, just saw the new Jaguar commercail a couple times and I gotta know the track... I've heard it before, but I just can't recall who it is. It's killing me! The car is the new S-Type, can't remember the exact model, but the car's color is black or grey and it's not moving... It's just a few...
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    Jaguar "The Very Thought Of You"

    Wanted to know if anyone knew the artist and any other recording info of "The Very Thought of You" used in a Jaguar commercial in the mid to late 1990s. Any clues in the chase would be appreciated.....
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    There's a new Jaguar ad airing on OLN during the Tour de France. I've only seen it a few times, I think the car is orange and camera circles around it, highlighting DVD navigation system, etc. Music is kind of classic rock-ish, singer's name is on the tip of my tongue (I think!). I'll try to...
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    Jaguar XJ8L and S-Type

    Can any one tell me the song from the Commerical for the Jagur XJ8 commerical....i think its the commerical with the words Envy, Lust (i forgot the others). I really like the song so if someone could help it would be appreciated