Infiniti jazz song


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Hey everyone, this is my first time here. I ran a search already and people seem to be searching for the more recent Infiniti commercials.

I am almost positive the song I am looking for is from an Infiniti, but not 100%.
It was maybe 2 years ago...give or take a year... and it was extremely Jazzy. Not like Mr. Scruff jazzy, but more normal jazz. It was all trumpets or maybe it was all oboes...but it had a very medium pace to it. If only I could attach a wav file with my voice replicating how it sounded... arrg ;[

I'm sorry I don't have any more info, does anyone have any clue?

Thanx in advance

This music was used several years ago in an Infiniti Q45 narrated by Jonathan Pryce. It's from Dave Brubeck's Time Out album Take Five
What is the name of the band that performs the music for the Nissan Infinity Commercials, that Jonathan Pryce was doing, in the mid 1990"s.
Thank you so much...Dave Brubeck...Take 5.
I had that tune stuck in mind, and finally decided I wanted to buy the music, because it is very cool.....
Thank you....
I really appreciate such a quick response.