1. I

    Infiniti Limited Engagement Spring Event "Reawaken" Looking for this song.
  2. I

    Infiniti EX

    Hi, I was trying to find composer of music appeared during car configuration on following page: Please let the initial video pass then music will start during configuration. Thanks
  3. archimedes00

    2011 Infiniti QX

    I have been looking for information on this song in the new 2011 Infiniti QX commercial. I have had no luck at all... Any thoughts ?
  4. M

    Infiniti G Convertible "Own the Sky"

    I cannot find this commercial anywhere! It's marketing the entire Infiniti G line... at one point the car splashes through a puddle and the water is thrown up into the sky where the droplets turn into stars. Let me know what the music is please!
  5. R

    Infiniti G "Grip"

    I couldn't find if it had been asked before, so here it is... It is a recent commercial, I believe for the infiniti G sedan, but the entire time the narrator talks about how the human brain tells how hard our hands need to squeeze, how much pressure must be applied, to how the car handles...
  6. K

    Infiniti G Coupe

    I saw the commercial tonight and havent seen it before. It was really visually exciting with a car driving and all this paint splashing very high in different colors along both sides of the car. Might have been Lexus or some high end car - not sure- as I was too intrigued with the visuals...
  7. T

    Infiniti QX56

    Does anyone know what music is playing in the background in the new infiniti commercial? It's like a family that seems to be inside a house, and the house is moving, but it turns out the house is actually the Infinity itself (something about being roomy, having more space) Anyone familiar with...
  8. B

    Infiniti jazz song

    Hey everyone, this is my first time here. I ran a search already and people seem to be searching for the more recent Infiniti commercials. I am almost positive the song I am looking for is from an Infiniti, but not 100%. It was maybe 2 years ago...give or take a year... and it was extremely...
  9. P

    Infiniti G35

    There's a new commercial out for the Inifiniti G35 that's like a combination of some Trance/Techno and choppy violin/fiddle laid on top of it. I can't remember exactly what the content of the commercial is, seems like it's a bunch of intercut scenes of a G35 and a winding mountain road (wow...
  10. A

    Infiniti FX45

    its a new comercial for the really nice new infiniti thats out now, its the fx45 im pretty sure....anyway its night and the car is driving down a winding road, great song in the background, sounds kind of jazz like. not to sure what its called, if anyone knows; :?: sharing your knowledge would...