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There's a new commercial out for the Inifiniti G35 that's like a combination of some Trance/Techno and choppy violin/fiddle laid on top of it. I can't remember exactly what the content of the commercial is, seems like it's a bunch of intercut scenes of a G35 and a winding mountain road (wow, original) mostly in b&w or really low saturated color (almost b&w for you non-photographers).

Anyway, any help is appreciated. :D
From that article that Fitz linked to:

Clio-winning Los Angeles visual effects and design company A52 today detailed their visual effects work for Omaha Pictures and director Rupert Sanders for TBWA/Chiat/ Day LA’s new Infiniti G35 campaign featuring the “Seasons” and “Snow Chains” :30 spots which are currently airing nationwide on spot TV and national cable.

The stylish spots which broke at the end of Nov. launch Infiniti’s intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD) feature on the 2004 G35 sedan. “Snow Chains” features a fleet of generic vehicles with snow chains clanking noisily over the dry pavement of city streets as the new G35 smoothly glides along without them... and “Seasons” shows the G35 driving down a road as weather conditions dramatically change from rain to sunshine to snow, then ends with a timelapse shot of the vehicle showing the same range of weather. In both spots, voiceover artist Live Schreiber punctuates the clear benefits of the constantly adjusting AWD system.

The music for “Seasons” was composed by Cyrus Melchor and the sound for “Snow Chains” was designed by Gus Koven – both of Santa Monica’s Stimmüng, where Ceinwyn Clark is executive producer. Jimmy Hite at Margarita Mix de Santa Monica mixed the final audio.

So, original stuff composed for the ads.
Infiniti G35 cello music on a rainy day

help please, saw this g35 ad, it was a riany day and g35 was by itself on a rainy day with great cello or something in the background
Anyone know the song with the G35 driving alone in the rain and ends with it sitting in an Aquaduct - like the ones in California. The music has this great Cello playing with a beat.

I believe it was the G35 Coupe As well - cant find the TV spot in the Infiniti Gallery