Infiniti FX45



its a new comercial for the really nice new infiniti thats out now, its the fx45 im pretty sure....anyway its night and the car is driving down a winding road, great song in the background, sounds kind of jazz like. not to sure what its called, if anyone knows; :?: sharing your knowledge would be great! thanks!
I believe the one you are referring to is the one where the woman goes "faster!" and they take a couch out and watch the moon.

The music in that is Van Morrison's "Moondance."
Hi I'm new to the forum

Well it's an SUV commercial,I think or a Mini Van commercial, they are driving through the forest and then they find a spot and pull out a couch and stare at the moon. The song had the words "romance", "magic" and "moonlight" (moonlight I'm not sure but the rest I am sure).

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows the title/artist of one of the songs from an older toyota commerical (a year or two ago...) In the ad, a couple drives down a dark road at night with this song playing, and then stop by a lake and watch the stars throug the moonroof... Or something like that. It's kind of a jazzy song, the lyrics go something like "'s a fabulous night for romance.... the night's magic..."
Can anyone help me? Thanks! :D
I NEED HELP....I can't remember the car type! But the song is a popular song from this car commercial. It has a couple driving in a car at night on a windy road along the woods and/or near the ocean...The song plays out while they're driving and at the end it zooms out to the full moon (and maybe they're sitting on a couch together watching the moon {Not sure on that part getting commercials confused})...the commercial/song has lyrics that start like...

"It's a beautiful night for a {something} ride..."

The end part of the song I can't remember the lyrics at all, but only the tune and it's stuck in my head. The commercial is not very old 2002/2003 and it is for an expensive car, maybe a Lexus or an Infiniti or Mercedes...Please someone save me!