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I've been trying in vain for a year to locate the piece of music that is featured in the IBM Cheddar ad. The ad where the town of Cheddar,England debuts their online business presence only to be hacked by Roquefort supporters at the launch. I think the ad belongs to the "e-business" series of IBM ads.

The score definitely sounds Baroque to my ears (something that Vivaldi or Pachelbel might have churned out). But I've had no luck so far.
I definately remember this ad, but haven't seen it in a long time. Have you tried emailing the ad agency that did the commercial campaign for IBM? I believe IBM uses the ad agency I'm sure if you check out their site and email them you'll find your answer.
Yeah, that was a hilarious commercial! Tell us if you have any luck.
have you tried checking out adland -- they have some/lots ? commercials available for viewing. although, you have to be a paid member to view them, but i think it's only a couple dollars to join and i think you can perform searches without paying (you just won't be able to watch them).

ifilm also has some ads to view, for free.
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Anyone out there, who can help?
Have you ever found a link that we can listen too?
Try asking: amy AT eartoear DOT com - they did the music for the ad.Or you can buy it at adforum for a mere $29 or $49 !!! Let us know!