1. P

    IBM Watson "Cognitive Business"

    Hey all, does anyone know the background music for the new "IBM Watson is the platform for cognitive business". You can watch it here: Really got in my bones and tried searching everywhere for it but can't seem to find it? Any leads would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. C

    IBM "New Boss" Smarter Marketing

    Anyone heard this piano song in the background of this new IBM commercial? It's great, kind of Bach-ish and I was wondering if anyone knew who composed it.
  3. V

    IBM Masters Golf

    its been driving me crazy, whats the song in this commercial? thanks
  4. frostdude1

    IBM Baby

    This song is absolutely beautiful!! Does anyone know the name ?? EDIT: Ok so I just found the name of the song .. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Boatfriend Sorry about that, delete this topic if needed
  5. E

    IBM piano

    As the title suggests I'm trying to find the composer of an old IBM commercial with a repetitive piano tune throughout it. The song is similar to a Philip Glass like tune. I can't remember the exact date of the ad but it was about 10 years ago. I'd love to know if it's been on anybody elses mind.
  6. F

    IBM "My Cloud" cloud computing

    Commercial here: Pretty sure it's a music house.
  7. S

    IBM Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

    Does anyone know who is performing this version of the song in the IBM ad? Much thanks!
  8. Sine

    IBM "Magic Box"

    This ad is a little old by now, but I saw it on YouTube and thought it was really cool. Here's the link to see it: Anybody know what the song is? The best I can do is give you the name of the artist: "Machine Head". It's listed in the description. I've skimmed through their iTunes catalog...
  9. J

    IBM "What Makes You Special?"

    ibm special commercial, anyone? indian drum (tabla) sounding beat?
  10. U

    IBM "What Makes You Special?"

    anyone know the song from the ibm commercial where the take that red cover of of something and people start clapping?
  11. Chubbles

    IBM flowers

    There's a new IBM commercial out that I caught a few seconds of today. Business people in different settings singing along to some song. Looking for the song. Sorry, short on details of the ad.
  12. P

    IBM On Demand

    Its an IBM commercial called "On Demand". Its not the typical one with folks in the cafe, has a bunch of different city-scapes and a cool instrumental/techno type song -- has a some eastern-type chanting perhaps in the background... the same song/ad is on IBM site here Click on the "See Who's...
  13. Verrier

    IBM Linux

    This is not exactly a TV ad and I'm sorry for that, but does anyone know what music is used for Track 2 on the following flash ad? (Lower left corner to switch between music tracks) Sometimes the music doesn't work (if you don't have Flash 7 I'm guessing?). I really enjoy the piece and I'm...
  14. T

    IBM surfer girl

    Looking for the artist and song title for the song on the new IBM commercial that shows the girl surfing........... Thanks! that1guy <_<
  15. G

    IBM Cheddar England

    I've been trying in vain for a year to locate the piece of music that is featured in the IBM Cheddar ad. The ad where the town of Cheddar,England debuts their online business presence only to be hacked by Roquefort supporters at the launch. I think the ad belongs to the "e-business" series of...