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There's a new IBM commercial out that I caught a few seconds of today. Business people in different settings singing along to some song. Looking for the song. Sorry, short on details of the ad.
At the end of 24 on Monday, 20 March, just before the preview of next weeks episode, there was an IBM commercial that had flowers floating, and people doing everyday things and then turning to lip-sync with the music. The only line that I can remember now is "I'm not like everybody else".

Any help would be much appreciated.
the song sound s to me something like Bob Dylan but I cant place it. Something like...." Like me" or Nobody "Like me" Not sure. Im sure though this one is easy. Sorry if its a repeat question but i did look through the new stuff.
My husband and I are trying to figure out the music on a new IBM commercial. Lots of butterflies, people lip sync-ing the song.....the song is (as far as we can tell) "I'm not Like Everybody Else"....I may be wrong....if I'm right it's either Camper Van Beetoven (doing a remake of a Kinks song) or someone else....does anyone have any idea about this one????

Does anybody know who sings the song "I am not like everyone else" on the IBM commercial
It's already been answered here ...

The Kinks - "I'm Not Like Everyone Else" - CD: Kinkdom

There you go.
What is the name of the song and band that is used in the IBM commercial that has the blue flowers coming out of everywhere?

Nope. It is The Kinks original song from 1967.

Here are some others:

"Strange Effect on Me" for Cingular Razor, "All Day and All of the Night" for Ford and Tide, "Picture Book" HP Digital, "You Really Got Me" Chevy Silverado, "I'm Not Like Everyone Else" IBM, "Everybody's Gonna Be Happy" Freestyle Diabetes Test,