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The followup to the series of ads with women wandering the streets of england in towels, this ad features large numbers of guys in boxers and undershits running through the streets, to pile up against a window in an aiport and look disappointed as a plne takes off. Finishes with the slogan "Fashion from the streets of london, available at walmart" or something similar.

The music is a catchy rock tune, the lyrics I've picked up are along the lines of "Whats up whats new, somebody's stolen my thunder..." It sounds like it goes on, giving me hope that this isn't a custom-made tune. I've tried running a lyrics search, but came up with nothing.

Thanks for you time.
...Further information, its for the "George" line of clothing, I think, then under it says "Available exclusively at Walmart."
Thanks for comin' out y'all... I found it on my own. "Somebody Stole My Thunder" by Georgie Fame. Apparently, so old that most modern lyrics sites don't have it. I eventually found it in a list on someone's blog. Great tune, though. Jazz / Rock fusion kinda deal.
EH! can you tell me where to find it.Tried googling but I gave up and went to the first google thing on the list{here}
Find it how? I never did find an online soundbite. It is, however, on a CD called "Blow Up A-Go-Go!," so if you can find samplers for that it'll be there. I confess, after trying for half an hour, I gave up and Limewired it. <shame>
Anybody know the song/artist on the 'George (clothing) now in Canada' commercial. It is a male singer, and the lyrics go something like 'somebody stole my thunder'.
Thanks for your help. :D
nope thats not the song, but thanks for your help anyways!
The song is called " Somebody Stole my Thunder" by Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames.

Hope this helps you out
Mens clothing commercial where the men are all running down the street in under wear after the business suits and stuff. What song is that?
I just saw that one and had to find it. The ad is for George men's fashion, and the song is "Somebody Stole My Thunder" by Georgie Fame.
There is a wal mart commercial out now advertising the george clothing line, commercial depicts a woman walking down a canadian sidewalk and as she passes by thing they turn into those thing as if they were in london (buildings into big ben, cops into "bobbies" busses into doble deckers) and so forth, the musics main line is comon, comon comon, i was just wondering is anybody knew what it was
I am waiting for that to. The song that starts "Your gonna have to let me through.."

Sounds so cool. Just like there last song used for the George line of clothing. "Somebody Stole My Thunder"
I liked the music in this commercial a lot too, it had a good sound too it, I love the music in Wal-Marts commercials lately