1. F

    Walmart Halloween

    Anyone know who sings the cover of "Stand By Me" on the Halloween Walmart commercial? Thanks!
  2. S

    Walmart "I am a Factory"

    Holy shit, this.
  3. D

    Walmart "Christmas Sweater"

    What is this version of Deck The Halls playing the background of this Walmart commercial titled Christmas Sweater. I'm sure it's an actual recording and not a piece recorded just as filler for this commercial as I've heard it on The Today Show last week. Neither Today nor Walmart are willing to...
  4. R

    Walmart George clothing

    What is the song for the new George commercial from Walmart? even just the artist would be great. Thanks so much if anyone can find it!
  5. Draccy

    Walmart Spring 2010 "Peter Cottontail"

    Hello! New member here who is in big time need of help. I'm dying to know who is singing the version of "Peter Cottontail" in the latest Walmart commercial airing in the US. If you can help, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  6. J


    There's a current (in Canada, at least) Walmart commercial with a woman that sounds like Ingrid Michaelson singing in the background. Some of the lyrics: "My heart is as warm as a fire, when I'm by your side" Does anyone know this song?
  7. I

    Walmart Oil Changes

    The commercial shows people changing the oil in their cars with people, kids, significant others, etc. The lyrics go: i think it's about time that we do it together I love the song, it's very happy, for lack of a better word. Anyone know what it is?
  8. D

    Walmart Fruit of the Loom

    Hi guys, I'm new here (as a member), though I've used adtunes to help me out before. Anyway, I have searched everywhere and have read dozens of threads about this.. but no luck. :( There's an ad airing right now, but I don't know how old it is, for Walmart's Fruit of the Loom low prices. Or...
  9. HartsandCrafts

    Walmart "Place Called Home"

    There is a commercial with mom narrating a story about setting her daughter's room up at college. The only words of the song come in at the end and they are something like: "Don't ever feel alone...(something) called home." Any ideas? It's a female singing.
  10. T

    Walmart Your Zone

    Walmart ads for teens furniture line called Your Zone. The music for the girls ad features the lines "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, I like you." Next line is "One day or the next . . . ." That's all I can figure out
  11. G

    Walmart Summer 2009

    What is the song in the new Walmart Summer ad? The music features a woman humming/going duh-duh-du-du-du. I'm not sure how to explain it well. Ok, found a video: Is this based on someone's song or just a tune for the commercial? I have it stuck in my head and would like to know if it's a...
  12. K

    Walmart "How Lovely to be a Woman"

    Hi Does anyone know who sings the cover of Bye Bye Birdie's "How Lovely to be a Woman"? It's a woman singing in a new Wal-mart commercial featured during 3/17's American Idol. Thanks!
  13. farbeyond

    Walmart Xbox 360 Arcade Guitar Hero World Tour

    This Walmart commercial showing a family playing Guitar Hero: Features the song: Pat Benetar - "Heartbreaker" Get It At:
  14. A

    Walmart Coca-Cola "Stock Up on Joy" movie theater ad

    I went to see (was dragged to) Twilight, and there was this incredibly catchy Christmas themed commercial for Wal Mart with a guy walking through a party distributing coke to his friends including a Judo trainer, myspace friends and a cool stepmom. Any ideas where I can find this? Thanks.
  15. D

    Wal-Mart piano song

    there's a walmart campaign right now (in canada, at least) with a nice piano track playing at the end - i searched the boards, but didn't find what i was looking for.. help is always appreciated
  16. S


    H, I was wondering the name of a song in the new walmart commercial. it follows a family around saving money...eevntually they get to go to the beach, enjoy other things, etc. it sounds a little bit like pearl jam. thanks for any help!!!
  17. D

    Walmart "Walk for Miracles"

    Walmart "Walk for Miracles" As so many here, you sign up because a song haunts you. Well, here is mine. Walmart has a new commercial for Walk for Miracles. The scene shows a woman running back and forth chasing a child, on all fours with a child on her back and one of the lines is "I can't...
  18. G

    Walmart back to school

    Does anyone know the song used in a Walmart ad? It is Back to school and has the line time to change..their is a rapper and a rock singer? trish
  19. Kryptonix


    Hey, does anyone know the song used in the walmart ad, I'm not sure if it's new or not but I first saw it last night on's got something in it like "I want to be with you all of the time" and it's got kindof a groovy rock beat thing...anyone know?
  20. D

    Walmart "Save More Smile More"

    Walmart "Save More Smile More" Can't really explain the genre of the music, but it's very easy going sounding. The lyrics go along the lines of "here we are" and "sun smiling on us". I googled the lyrics and couldn't find anything. As for the commercial, it's rather hard to explain as well lol...