Walmart Fruit of the Loom


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Hi guys, I'm new here (as a member), though I've used adtunes to help me out before.

Anyway, I have searched everywhere and have read dozens of threads about this.. but no luck. :(

There's an ad airing right now, but I don't know how old it is, for Walmart's Fruit of the Loom low prices. Or something like that, I can never quite catch what it's about. It's very short, just a few seconds or so.

It's of a woman dancing in her underwear. I think she's in a hallway. The song sounds like it's played over a gramophone/phonograph... but it could very well be a newer song that's been edited to sound like that.

The song is sung by a woman, but I cannot make out the words.

If anyone can help... PLEASE, PLEASE DO. Ty. :)
Re: Walmart Fruit of the Loom Ad

THANK YOU so much! I've been driving myself crazy for days trying to find it. TY!