fruit of the loom

  1. K

    Fruit of the Loom "Ribbons"

    I just saw a new fruit of the loom commercial that has a woman dancing around and the song is the background contains the Line "I just need a new direction" it played during the olympics on NBC, does anyone know what this song is and who sings it? thanks in advance
  2. S

    Fruit of the Loom "Date Night"

    This is the commercial with the woman getting ready, and then getting a note from her husband. I am not exactly sure but i think one of the lines in the song is "the moonlight reflects in your eyes". I know this is not much to go on but i hope somebody know what i am talking about.
  3. D

    Walmart Fruit of the Loom

    Hi guys, I'm new here (as a member), though I've used adtunes to help me out before. Anyway, I have searched everywhere and have read dozens of threads about this.. but no luck. :( There's an ad airing right now, but I don't know how old it is, for Walmart's Fruit of the Loom low prices. Or...
  4. L

    Fruit of the Loom Cotton Stretch Collection "Performance"

    Fruit of the Loom Cotton Stretch Collection "Performance" Hi everyone, I just saw this new Fruit Of The Loom commercial (I believe it was advertising back-to-school shopping).This ad was very different from the other "Fruit Guys" commercials out there,and features this beautiful,new age...
  5. M

    Fruit of the Loom "Blue"

    Does anyone know the "blue song" or actual song that is featured in the new Fruit of the Loom commercial??? I have ben searching all day online and found NADA! Thanks!
  6. R

    Fruit of the Loom "Dream" its a fruit of the loom commercial and the lyrics are "i had a dream the you were mine. the sound of heaven was in your voice making my heart rejoyce dear" i think THANKYOU !
  7. farbeyond

    Fruit of the Loom

    I've seen a fruit of the loom commercial on espn a few times now and I am wondering what the song is that plays in the background. There is a convertible car with hydraulics cruisin down the road. In the car are people in fruit costumes like grapes. It shows a kid on a pogo stick, a...