Fruit of the Loom


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I've seen a fruit of the loom commercial on espn a few times now and I am wondering what the song is that plays in the background. There is a convertible car with hydraulics cruisin down the road. In the car are people in fruit costumes like grapes. It shows a kid on a pogo stick, a basketball court, a woman walking down the road and the car has a custom plate. The song sounds like Nelly but I do not think it is him. Any ideas?

I believe the song in the commercial is Nelly. However, it is not a real song. It is a variant version, probably made just for the commercial, of Nelly's song "E.I".

Hope that helps...
does any one know the name of the song and who it is by tha tis used in the Fruit of the Loom ad. it has the characters in a car bouncing up and down and it is a rap song. and the song says yeah alot. and the fruit of the loom characters are waving to people
I also emailed them about this and they replied saying the song was specifically made for the commercial.