Fruit of the Loom "Dream"

Try emailing them. I emailed them about another commercial and they responded pretty quickly. The song I was looking for was unfortunately studio made for the commercial only and not released to the general public. Hopefully you get a response too, but with a song and artist title that you can find. Good luck
I assume this is the one with the old-time music, a fancy pool, etc.? I don't know the song, eithe3r, and i'd love to have it. :)

The commercial itself is the third "parody" I can think of of the classic Chanel No. 5 commercials from the '70s/'80s. (My personal favourite of the Chanel commercials is "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire.) The others I can think of right off are the recent Snuggles fabric softener ad as well as an old Diet Coke commercial from a couple decades back. There may have been others. :)

You guys talking about the one with the woman in her underwear on a swing? That goes,

"I had a dream that you were mine
a sort of heaven was in your voice, dear
making my heart rejoice, dear
sweet memories of our love divine"
or something >_>

I've been looking for the name of that song for eeevvveeer. D:

It's called Dream? Who is it by?

I never got a reponse from them. :<
OK, we now know the first couple of sentences in the Fruit of the Loom Commercial. I hope someone is able to say who the artist is and the title of the song.

It sounds like it might have been written in the 30's, kind of like something the Ink Spots might have recorded.
I'm still looking for this song (Dream) but their seems to be no other info on it. I can only get a 30 second clip at there site.

Anyone with new info?

TY ;)
Originally posted by Scooby@Sep 16 2006, 12:40 PM
I'm still looking for this song (Dream) but their seems to be no other info on it. I can only get a 30 second clip at there site.
The full song is available (as an MP3) at the "Fruit Guys" website:
If that full version (30sec.) then that is just too bad. :( BTW I did mentioned that I got that already from their site. I hope their is a fuller version longer that 30 sec. some where out there.

Thanks jca ;)

I hope you are all doing well. Thank you so much for posting your information on this topic! I too have been searching and searching...

Last night I finally gave up and emailed Fruit of the Loom a SECOND time (they didn't reply the first time). But they replied this morning and they told me: ..."it is an original, Fruit of the Loom song composed only for the commercial, and it is not available for purchase"... They gave me the same link that is already posted here to watch the commercial to hear the song. I am sorry for the news! If you all hear a similar song you think we should hear please post it! I LOOVE that type of music! :)

Thanks & Take Care!
may i have a link tot he 2 minute mp3 version of DREAM
i only found the 30 secnd mp3~
check out The Ink Spots, "If I didn't Care" or their "I don't want to set the world on fire". I believe this genre is from the 1940s.
I have been searching for that song for a while now. So its not a 'real' song? That is so disappointing that there is only 30 sec of it. :(

I have tried to find something similar, but none of the songs I've tried are quite right. They are all missing that certain quality that I can only described as a surreal haunting melody and old time radio sound that makes that song so enchanting.

Maybe if enough people email them asking for a full version of the song they will make one available. ;)
Nope. Not a real song. I created a radio station through and found some other artists that have the same feel: Eddie Lang, The Hot Club of San Francisco, and Al Bowlly "Love is the Sweetest Thing". I'm listening to Bing Crosby's "Out of Nowhere" which I'm digging. Really romantic. Oh yeah, give that one a try! It's very similiar to "Dream".
Ok, last suggestion: "Close Your Eyes" by Ray Noble with Al Bowlly. Good, good, good!
The only song I've found that is somewhat modern, and still carries that surreal quality, if not the sound filter to have that 40's sound, is Nurse Who Loved Me, by A Perfect Circle, off of their Thirteenth Step album.

Hope that helps.
Although I love the "Fruit o the Loom" tune it is somehow a little too familiar for comfort.

Despite the claims they wrote it for the commercial, the tune of the song sounds a little too much like a 78 rpm record my Great-Grandmother used to play. If the song is an original, I for one would love a copy of the whole thing.

Anyhow, Someone asked what genre this tune belonged to.

During the "roaring 20s" (after WW I), there were singers who typically sung into megaphones (cones made of stiff paper or cardboard) to mechanically amplify their voices. (This was the age before electronic amplification in music)

Singing into the small end of a paper cone not only makes the voice louder, but also gives unusual characteristics to the sound.

These singers were then known as "crooners", or "megaphone singers".

If you like this style, you might also like Rudy Vallee, or "The New Vaudeville Band".