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Does anyone know the music to the new HP commerical advertising HP's "ability to be a complete digital studio"?

The music is very minimal; it reminds me a lot of Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin.
Hello Ghidra -

I am not sure if I am thinking of the same thing or not but one of their current ads (which was just on TV a few hours ago) uses The Cure's "Pictures of You".

Is that what you are thinking of?
No. It's not The Cure's "Pictures of You." It's a brand new commercial that uses close-up photos of hands holding digital cameras and printers printing out photos.

Thanks for trying though.
I think I heard this one. Is the theme like a plinky guitar? Plink plink plink Plink plink plink...

If so, it is the theme to the movie Ravenous.

No, not the theme from Ravenous.

I have more info about the commercial. It's part of their HP Invent ad series. The advertisement is specifically about the HP Future of Photography. At the end it has a link: www.hp.com/pcad.

I was wrong saying it sounded like Aphex Twin. It's got a driving synth line.
I've checked all the previous HP stuff and it's NONE of them.

The commercial has shots of people working on PCs, using digital photo albums, printing pictures, taking pictures. It's stylistically shot, each scene showing just a small amount of movement (like the photos being printed on the printer).

Like I said, it's a BRAND NEW commercial...
Well, we obviously haven't seen it yet. Are you located outside of the US?

They usually post their ads to their website, you can keep a watch on this page also.
Would that be the HP Pavillion notebook commercial? It reminds me of Fischerspooner, but I can't be sure. Just wanted to bump this up since I also want to know the answer.
Actually..its sort of techno....and it has about digital cameras and the desktop PCs...I would like to know the answer too and no one knows it! :angry:
Looks like that's it. "Nix" by Golden Boy

It's track 4 from the "Or" album.

Thanks Johnny!
I have been searching for this song for ages!

It's the HP Pavilion commercial about cameras and photo editing with their new HP software with the site www.hp.com/pcad in the corner if anyone is wondering. It has the rotating HP Pavilion PC with the backgrounds changing and stuff. There seemed to be a little confusion about which HP ad it was...maybe i'm too late... :unsure:

Anyway..thanks a lot!
Im wondering if anyone out there knows what the song in one of the new HP commercials is. I cant really recal what the comercial is about, but i can tell you that it is fairly new. I have only seen this comercial once this month and i just cant find the song name anywhere. It sounds pretty techno'ish so thats about all i can tell you. Hope someone out there can help. :lol:
I too would like to know the name of the song. The ad is for HP PCs, printers and cameras, I believe. I think it has to do with HP and digital photography. It's a great techno song, I wish I knew what it was.
I just went on www.hp.com and in the "search" box I typed in commercials on television and it gave me an option to see a list of songs and artists that they've featured in their latest commercials. One of them is by a DJ and I think that may be the song you're thinking of....Good luck. :D
Thanks for the tip Shannon! :) But the page doesn't seem to have information on the commercial ShortysPop1 and I are referring to...