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Hello everyone, does anyone know the name of the 2024 commercial instrumental from Bassett furniture that is being advertised on YouTube of late... Advertising white living room furniture decor. If you have an idea of what this instrumental is can you please let me know , thanks.
I just saw this ad and would love to know, too. It reminded me so much of Vince Guaraldi and as soon as I heard it, I completely relaxed.
Yes exactly!.. I have been seeing this add for weeks now and I just fell in love with this reminds me of when I would drive long distance up the cost near the beach on a really clear beautiful day when I lived in California...and then I would drive near the mountains because I lived at high altitude and there was nothing but long stretches of road for was so beautiful and peaceful...that tune takes me back there...I know that's sounds cheesy but that's how I felt.😊🌻
"Walking in Manhattan" by Fabio Polan

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