HP Blade Server


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This is a recent ad for HP's Blade Server, featuring a demi-animation kinda thing, with all sorts of products folding down into smaller packages. The song is vaguely rock-ish, no lyrics. Sadly, I can't remember anythign mroe than that...
Composed specifically for the ad by DAVID WINER at Stimmung.

View commercial here.
Crap. What a kick in the junk. It's a great tune, and a real pity that it can't be obtained. Anyone know if a full version is coming anytime soon?
Does anyone know the name of the song in an HP ad there are no real lyrics it just
goes ba ba ba ba ba there was alot of base in the music.I looked through all
the other HP ads and its not there.If I see it again I will try and descibe it better.
I just swa the commercial again it's the Hp blade system server ad.there is all sorts of stuff going on including a shot of dogs being walked.Hope this helps.