Mastercard "Favorite Things"


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I saw a Mastercard commercial recently and this is going to be quite vague so bear with me.

It featured the "Favorite Things" song from The Sound of Music. I don't know who sang it though. It sounded really folk-ish. It was slow and i think there was violin.

I remember it showed this woman jumping into water.

Does anybody know what I'm talking about? And if you do, do you know who sings the song?

Thanks for any help!
So there's a new Mastercard commercial with a girl doing a number of outdoors activites while singing "few of my favorite things". Obviously I know the song, but does anybody know who the girl is? She's got a beautiful voice.
whoops...didn't realize there was already a topic on this. Mods, please roll this one into the other. Thanks.
Any chance anyone knows the version of "my favorite things" on the new mastercard ad (accepted world wide) where the girl enjoys alot of fancy activities..
Never looked at that thread but it was definitely made for the ad. Why else would her voice shake while riding a horse and echo in the big empty fencing room?
bump. true it may have been done for the ad but it could be out there. maybe an aimee mann type.
the woman in the commerical is actually an actress. she was featured in a cellphone commercial and kitchen appliance commercial.
Im not sure who did the song on that commercial. However the intro to Fear and Loathing has the best version of the song. The Lennon Sisters sing that.
When I heard that commercial I was positive Id heard it somewhere else. Anyways so there is a partial answer.
That's a very good guess! It could be but a remix of this version, either way comes very close for my taste. thanks!