"Sheryl" mannequin commercial


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Hello everyone, I'm trying to track down any info about a hilarious commercial that aired several years ago (maybe in 2000 or later?). It featured a woman and her best friend "Sheryl" (I think that was the name), who happened to be a mannequin. It shows her and Sheryl doing all kinds of things together-- shopping, eating lunch, etc-- while the woman sings about what a good friend Sheryl is. Next, the woman's husband confronts her about how Sheryl is just a mannequin and not a real person, and that she needs to forget about Sheryl and get a real life. The woman now sings about how sad and empty her life is without Sheryl, as it shows her wandering the streets aimlessly. Finally, the woman comes back home, only to discover that her husband is having an affair with Sheryl! I don't remember what product was being advertised, but the commercial and the song were absolutely hilarious. Anyone remember this?