I'm at wits end, lovers of music please help!


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I tried this in the commercial category, but I figured it would be ok to post in this section too, considering that I not only heard it on the commercial, but on the radio too, and I'm DESPERATE for help with this! I already tried the whole "Look for the station's playlist" thing, and I've searched high and low, and this is my absolute last resort, its driving me nuts! I'll put down every single thing I can remember about the song:

-The music in the background sounded sort of smooth and electronic. A drumbeat of sorts was the main music, but it was smooth and pleasant sounding.

-Smooth male vocalist, he had a higher, younger sounding voice.

-The chorus was basically the man humming, going "Oh oh oh oh oh"

-There might have been the words "reality", and "baby" in it.

-After the chorus of "Ooo oo oo oo ooo", the man sings in a very rythymic sort of fast paced tone (While still staying smooth and quiet if that makes sense at all.)

-The only thing that sounds even REMOTELY like the chorus is the song "Mmmm Mmm Mmm" by the Crash test dummies. Thats the song that people most often try to tell me it is, mostly because the chorus is the same premise, someone humming or making noise, as opposed to a repeating set of lyrics.

-I'm not entirely sure of the genre of the song, because I'm terrible at it. :blink: It could be something like techno, or alternative. Its not rock, and its nothing too heavy.


In case anyone wants information from the commercial it was on too, it was a december or january car commercial, and they only played the chorus, completely eliminating my chances of finding it from the lyrics.

If you even have a vague IDEA of what it might be, I'm begging for you to try!!

Thank you everyone!
That's a tough one. This is a long shot, but try R.E.M. "Belong" from the Out of Time CD. Reading your description, that is the first thing that popped in my mind.
I looked at your description a few times, and could only come up with a couple other longshots...

"Love And Mercy" by Brian Wilson, from the "Orange County" movie soundtrack. (I couldn't find a clip with the "Oooh's" included)

"Angel Interceptor" by Ash (the only clip I could find with the "Oooh's" included)
Ah, no, thanks for trying anyway guys. :( ::Sigh:: I kinda figured this would be a long shot. I would love it if people still tried though, I really want to get this song.

I wish I could say those songs came anything close to it. :eek: The one was too grungy, the other a little too old sounding, and the other one, the voice was way too high. I suppose the guy's voice I'm looking for isn't high then. Sorry for the mislead.

As for the "ooh" parts, its very pronounced, not background vocals at all, its really the only thing the chorus does, and its definitely an alternative sound, but its good. :unsure:

Please keep trying guys! And thank you so much, the two of you that already tried. :D
I suppose I should add that in the chorus, the 'oh' part, the whole thing sort of goes like this:

"Oh oh oh oh oh~oh"

-The last note is held for two beats, and the pitch changes.
-The 'oh's might get slighty more high as thing goes on.

I really might be reading too much into it, considering I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to find this song, so I might be picking it apart /too/ much in hopes of giving more information out.
:lol: Nah, that one isn't it at all. I thank you very much for trying though. :) Thats not the sound I was going for at all. If you know what the chorus to the crash test dummies song sounds like "mmm mmm mmm", then you'll know a little bit of what I'm going for, this song just has a little more rhythymn to it. :)

Thank you very much for trying though! :unsure:
What commercial did you hear this song on...in, playing on. What? Sorry.