High School Reunion

Sorry I posted this question more than once. I just really want to know this song. Yes I did send The WB an e-mail but who knows if they will get back to me. I didn't need a link to the trailer but if someone who might know it could take a look that would be great. It only has part of the song at the end. Other wise it airs Tuesday nights on The WB at 9/8 central.

It's a guy singing and I guess the genre is pop, maybe kind of punkish. The tempo is just normal I guess, it's not slow.
Does anyone know the song playing in the background as the girls burnt pictures of their ex boyfriends in high school. It was played for a while. And every time they played it it would be in slow motion. It sounds real familair. And it had a piano playing. Thanks Oh and actually the tv show is called High school Reunion.. i thought it was called the Reunion
Season 3 theme song was preformed by Danny Allen. Heard some of his songs it sounds like the same singer but can't find song you are looking for. Hope this helps.

Ok could someone help me figure out where to find it.. give me some suggestions or anything?