Hello all...

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Hey everyone,Im Aesthetic Solace - which means comfort in artistic or beautiful things. Reason behind the name is that I am a digital artist, as some of my work can be seen on deviantART, an online art community. My link can be found through my profile in case you are curious.

I joined this forum after frantically searching for songs from the Victoria's Secret fashion show. This site is the answer to my prayers. Im the type of person who can fall in love with a song at any place and at any time, and will search like a mad-woman for it.

Thats all to my story...

PS: Thank you Proof for finding the De-Phazz song for me!!!!! :D :D :D
Oh well I meant you, but yeah the statement's truth.

We haven't sung GNR for the noobs in a while. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE, WE GOT FUN AND GAMES!
:lol: that musta been before i got here, but WE GOT EVERYTHING YOU WANT, HONEY WE KNOW THE NAMES
Whoa I just looked, you only been here since November? Damn, seems much longer.
:lol: like i said...crack. chances are i'll almost never be seen here once i get back down south :(
:lol: we'll see once i leave. i am pretty sure i'll be all about pretending to do homework and pretending to be sober
Demmit all my friends are in school all day. :lol:

And you can just shut up Garret. :angry:
:lol: i can't wait for his comment

gotta go help my madre with dinnah <_<
Not too hard now, we can't have you in court ordered rehab on your first night. ;)

...but its fun!!!

::dances with the dots + squares on the side of the screen:: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: