OLIVE - Miracle (Remix) ???


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Hello wonderful Ady's

I am requesting the help of all my friends and stopper by's here on Adtunes. A friend has me very interested in finding out the answer to this question. What other trance / techno / house remixes of the Artist - Song (Olive - Miracle) are out there? He heard the remix song about 5 - 8 years ago in an apparel store. He says it is off the original song Miracle done by the Artist Olive and nothing on youtube.com comes close to what it was ( there are only four or five house/ trance versions there). I understand that some songs are on vinyl and are hard to find. However, if someone can send me a link to a fan site / blog dedicated to the band Olive in specific relations to this particular song, I would be in debt and forever grateful to you. Also if you are aware of a specific Dj who remixed the song that was a minor hit at one point in time, great info to know. Any and All information, ideas and suggestions will be incredibly helpful. Please don't be afraid to post (add links) something here. As I intensify my search I will post (add links) new info.

Thanks again for reading and trying to assist me in this very passionate search.

P.S. this remix is an example of the type of genre that the remix would sound like. It is not the answer and I am ultimately looking for links involving remixes or mashups of this particular song. Thank you again.....
farbeyond you are far-out. I don't know what I would do with out u man....
Found some info on my own thanks to farbeyond and Kahu. I was able to find the mixes on vinyl, here ---->


but that is workable and I am sure I can make them digital. If you can help me find the following remixes on a site that allow for DIGITAL Preview and Purchase please contact me on this forum and let me know. I will wait 2 weeks from now before purchasing the vinyl online in hopes that I can get them in a more convenient way:

UK CD single
1."Miracle" (Radio Edit)
2."Miracle" (Black Olive's 12" Mix)
3."Miracle" (Monkey Mafia Remix)
4."Miracle" (Doc Scott Remix)
5."Miracle" (Black Olive Deeper Dub)

March 1997
UK CD single
2."Miracle" (Black Olive's Extended Mix)
3."Miracle" (Deep Dish Miracle Of Dub Mix)
5."Miracle" (Roni Size Remix)

November 1997
UK CD single, CD1
2."Miracle" (Murk Club Mix)
3."Miracle" (Funky Green Mix)
4."Miracle" (Beloved Club Vocal Mix)
5."Miracle" (187 Lockdown's Deep Dub)
I think I need to put this out there that the youtube.com video samples that the site has on the lower right corner of the two links I provided (for the vinyl format of the remixes) aren't any different form the ones I mentioned in my very first post. In fact, there are maybe a couple new remixes on the following link that I may just have to purchase to hear. But thanks again for taking the time out guys. U have no idea how much I appreciate it and I hope u give me some feedback :)


This isn't included in the previous list:

Miracle (Beloved Surge Mix)

I really hope to at least be able to sample (audibly preview excerpts) of the previous remixes somewhere before having to buy them (vinyl at that) and find out the hard way lol....