Heineken "Infectious Dance"


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I just got back from the movies here in Toronto and during the previews they showed a Heineken commercial, which looked European, where someone at a bar starts dancing and it spreads to other people where eventually everybody is dancing all the time (like outside the bar). The song is an Electronic one...any ideas lads?
it took a few days, but I got a response from Heineken. The song is Cobrastyle by Teddybears Sthlm. - just for the record
Thank you so much, after hearing that song I go so addicted.
does anyone the song played in the new Heineken commercial.....
the song starts after this guy walks inside a club ( greenspace )....its kinda like a reggae song with a lil bit of funk in it..
Anybody know the song in the Heineken commercial where the guy goes into the club and people mimic the dances of those they come in contact with?
whats the song and artist of the new henikien commerical, the one where they are all dancing and its like a rap reageeton tune in the backround

anyone know?

its this one commercial where a guy walks into a bar and yadda yadda..

err wondering if anyone knows who plays this song