1. T

    Heineken "Happy Holidays"

    Can you please find the song played in this commercial. Sorry I could not find it on youtube. This is the link that I found: http://www.ispot.tv/ad/7sH_/heineken-happy-holidays Thanks
  2. J

    Heineken 2006-2007

    the ad had people walking with a bottle of heineken through a landscape, and handing it off to someone else in another landscape. anyone know what song that was?
  3. estioe

    Heineken "The Switch"

    The main singer is a woman, the song is jazz. Some lyrics I remember are "I'm going to write what I'm going to do to you in a letter" or something like that. I'm pretty sure I have those lyrics slightly wrong. If I didn't know better, I would say the artist is Amy Winehouse. But I don't think so?
  4. A

    Heineken "The Date"

    I haven't been able to find anything about this particular commercial, although I now realize that Guinness has produced many a fine commercial. I'm referring to a particular commercial that's been airing lately, which is part of a series of commercials which are produced like musicals, where...
  5. A

    Heineken "The Entrance"

    I was just watching Conan and they had a new Heineken commercial using a song from and starring the asteroids galaxy tour.
  6. B

    Heineken "The Tiger"

    Does anybody know the piece of Mambo music used in this spot? Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3UIoEg5-54
  7. farbeyond

    Heineken "Lady Music"

    Hi; I just saw an ad for Heineken which talked about ladies loving Peter Cetera and guys love ladies so therefore guys love Peter Cetera which used the song: Peter Cetera - "Restless Heart" Get it at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00123HDTA/?tag=adtunes-20
  8. R

    Heineken "Let a Stranger Drive You Home"

    There is a commercial I vaguely remember, I believe it is for beer though. Basically it shows several shots of people partying in a car, the lighting is dark and they're all just dancing and singing in a car with this song playing and at the end it might show the beer. I cant find the commercial...
  9. Todd Bowers


    I'm hoping someone can help me identify an instrumental song for a Heineken commercial. I wasn't able to locate the commercial on YouTube or on Heineken's webpage but the commercial's been around for a while. I'm surprised I haven't seen it in these forums before. Regardless, the music seems...
  10. F

    Heineken John Turturro in space museum

    There is spooky, spacy, hip hop track playing in the background of the new Heineken commercial shot with a famous actor, walking around in the Rose Center for Earth And Space at the American Museum of Natural History. Does anyone know what it might be? Could it have been composed specially for...
  11. C


    I cannot find a video or link unfortunately. The commercial is with a draught keg in the foreground and a series of different shots of people at a house party in the background, with the keg as the only static object in the party. Sort of like stop-motion animation. Lyrics are by a male voice...
  12. ImtryingtoSleep

    Heineken Home Bars Beertender

    A new commercial featuring the new Heineken BEERTENDER, it basically has people walking around pouring & enjoying beer. The song has a hop-hop ish feel, or beat to it, though it's more Alt Rock. TY No, it's not the "It's Love" ad btw.
  13. G


    I'm look for the song that plays in that Heinenek commercial, the one that's got a "science" theme with glasses of beer orbiting a Heineken keg. It was on last night (April 23rd) on Global (in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) during Big Brother at around roughly 9:37pm (MST). Sorry I don't have a...
  14. T

    Heineken Premium Light "Share the Good"

    Hey, so theres this new heineken commercial out. I cant remember it very well except that the song that was played had the word "love" in the lyrics over and over again. Sound familiar? Anyone seen it? cheers,
  15. J

    Heineken holiday

    yea its the one where the guys brings the beer to the house and the song just says "happy holidays" a bunch of times. Help me out please.
  16. Starius

    Heineken keg ad with female robot

    Anyone know the song in the Heineken commercial with the female robot? It sounds like Daft Punk, to me.
  17. S


    Hey guys, does anyone know the song in the Heineken comercial that starts by showin all kinds of people sleeping like on stadiums, on the rio carnaval etc. and then they show the one guy at the heineken production line who is waitin for a lil beetle bug to get on his finger from one heineken...
  18. S

    Heineken Light

    Does anybody kno the name of the song in the background of a heineken commercial the commercial features a woman similar to the one in the itunes commercial dancing behind a green screen with a heineken and the song is latin-pop-ish the only words i could understand were "suave, me esta sonando...
  19. B

    Heineken rooftop

    Hey everyone! I was hoping to once again draw from the collective wisdom of the wonderful people here at adtunes.com! I'VE GOT A REAL DOOZIE ON MY HANDS! This ad is an old one (Summer 2003) from Heineken named "Rooftop" or "Reality Check". I have spent an exorbitant amount of time over the...
  20. S


    Hey folks, I just saw a new Heineken commercial: A guy just hanging around...the commercial gave percentages...chewing 2.4%, sleeping 30%, etc etc etc. Then he gets up and brings a few Heinekens to a party upstairs. What's the song in the background.