1. X


    any idea what song this ish?
  2. M


    i would like to know the song in the heineken ad, where the robot changes to a bar....
  3. S


    What's the song in the heineken ad, where the robot is on another planet... that turns into a bar? It is like an old bar/movie song... that then turns into something a bit more upbeat with a techno-esque backbeat... thanks, staples
  4. E


    I was wondering what song plays near the end of the latest Heineken Beer commercial. The basic plot of the commercial is finding life in space or something along those lines, and toward the end they play an upbeat song. Does anyone know what song that was? :blink: THANKS!!
  5. S

    Heineken space probe

    Does anybody know the artist/track title of the piano-techno-ish song that plays at the end of the new Heineken commercial where the space probe turns into a heineken machine?? I can't find it anywhere and it's driving me nuts!!!
  6. F

    Heineken Lil John and Jermaine Dupri

    Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the Heineken commercial that had Lil John bring Jermaine Dupri some Heineken by private jet??????? Thanx for any help!!!!
  7. B

    Heineken Premium Light

    What remix/version of Pussy Cat Doll's Dont Cha is played in the new Heineken commercial. I just saw it on a commercial break on Prison Break.
  8. C


    I saw this last week, I don't remember if it was on TV or on the internet, (was not 100% sober at the time :blush:) but it's a Heineken commercial where a man is smuggling beer on the back of a truck in Mexico (or at least we are made to believe its back in the day Mexico) in the desert and he...
  9. P

    Heineken sister

    for her brother, then his friend says man i love your sister, what's the song in that commercial? B)
  10. T

    Heineken "Infectious Dance"

    I just got back from the movies here in Toronto and during the previews they showed a Heineken commercial, which looked European, where someone at a bar starts dancing and it spreads to other people where eventually everybody is dancing all the time (like outside the bar). The song is an...
  11. R


    What song is the guy playing? You know, where he plays the guitar like a slide guitar by moving the bottle.
  12. dillinjaxx


    there was an heineken ad.its kinda old it was shown at summer here.i dont know when and if it was shown in US.anyway i dont remember much of the ad.i just remember it was in a bar.i still remember the music though; it was a piano melody at start and then there was the melody with some chords and...
  13. S

    Heineken "3 Little Words"

    Heineken Ok During the Super Bowl there was a Commercial were a guy and girl are on a couch and the girl is asleep on the guys arm which is the the arm that is holding his beer, he leans over and says I love you, she rolls over towars him and he gets his beer back. Now my question is what was...