Heineken "3 Little Words"


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Ok During the Super Bowl there was a Commercial were a guy and girl are on a couch and the girl is asleep on the guys arm which is the the arm that is holding his beer, he leans over and says I love you, she rolls over towars him and he gets his beer back. Now my question is what was the song in the back ground, somthing like.. Ooooh i don't(or do) want to fall in love with you. I think Help Please I'm going crazy here!!!!
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You Rock thank you I can now finally get some sleep at night... thats sad:(
Well thank YOU for paying attention to the lyrics, it always makes it so much easier to figure out. :)
Its a fairly new Heineken Beer commerical with a man and a women. The man wants to drink his beer but the girl is on his arm thats holding the beer. He turns to her and says I love you, and thus is able to move his arm and drink the beer. There is a song playing in the background, it kinda sounds like Elvis Presley, but im not sure. Thanks a lot for helping!
Heineken "3 Little Words"


I'm wondering if anybody knew the name of the song which is played during the newest heineken commercial, '3 little words'. It is the one where the girl is lying down beside the guy and he says "I love you" and then she goes and cuddles in with him. It's a good commercial and I love the song. The link to see it in QuickTime is right here: http://www.heineken.com/usa/lounge/estuff/...LittleWords.mov.

If anyone knows the name of the song, please let me know.

This has already been answered, but it's "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak, which you can find on his album "Heart Shaped World." Link goes to available audio sample.

I first saw this commercial during the Michigan race 2 weeks ago. This guy, he is white, is holding his beer in his right hand. His lady,she is black, is snoozing on his arm. He can't get his brew. So he very softly says," I love you". She smiles, and rolls over towards his shoulder, and smiles, and cuddles up to him. Then he quickly grabs his beverage with his left hand, and never misses a beat.

The song in the back ground sounds so cool. Does any body know who it is and the name of the tune? :rolleyes:
does anybody know what the song on this heineke commercial is? this guy is trying to drink his beer but his girlfriend falls asleep on his arm so he has to say i love you so she rolls over...thanks
Can anyone tell me the song title? Guy can't get his beer with girlfriend
on arm. Tells her he loves her to get her to move.
Heineken guy on couch tells girl he loves her

n e help

song goes "wicked things you do"

guy on couch and tells girl he loves her
Theres that commercial, im pretty sure its for heineken, and the girl is lying on the guys arm and he says i love you so she rolls onto him and he can drink his beer, what song is that??!?!