1. D

    Molson Export Beer

    Anybody have an idea what song was used in this commercial? I managed to track it down to a group called "l'oreille cassée" from Montreal, but could never get ahold of them to find what the song was. View:
  2. S

    Modelo Especial beer "Here's to You"

    Anyone know the name of the song from the modelo beer commercial. It sounds sort of westerny.
  3. M

    Stella Artois "The Artist"

    Anyone know the source of the music for this recent Stella Artois ad that was on the Oscars...from a song or a custom piece?
  4. chrys

    Sam Adams Winter Lager Tasting

    Heard this a day ago and cannot find the song. It is not the George Thorogood song. Lyrics start: Winters here, Our friends are near, We're right where we belong. And we'll have good times together, laugh together.... Any help locating this tune would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  5. B

    Tunes in 90s Beer Ads?

    Can anyone help me confirm if these tunes were used in 90's beer ads? 1) Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo / Rick Derringer or E. Winters 2) Rock On / David Essex - If yes, does anyone know where I can find video links for these ads? - Does anyone know what beer(s) were advertised ? Making a...
  6. R

    Beck's beer late 1970s early 1980s

    I am looking to identify or just even hear the instrumental music that accompanied a beer commercial in the late 1970's(?) r early 1980's (?) that I believe was BEck's The commercial ( I think) involved a succession of one-frame shots of various beers accompanied by a fast-paced instrumental (...
  7. F

    Moosehead Lager "The Journey"

    Anyone have an idea of what song this is in the Moosehead ad? Listen til the end.
  8. K

    Cobra Beer UK "The Train"

    Someone must be able to help me, love the music on the new Cobra ad but can't find out what it is or where to get it anywhere!!
  9. S

    Molson M "Liquid Art"

    I've been searching endlessly for an answer as to the song in this beautifully shot commercial. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's either stock music or a track produced just for the commercial itself but you never know... Hope somebody out there can figure this out! :)
  10. M

    Bud Light

    SO, been trying to figure out this dang song and it's KILLING ME! it's a beer commercial with a bunch of people camping like around a lake with a huge mountain. they're playing football and other stuff. what's the name that the song?? anyone out there know?? it's older i know that.
  11. N

    Stella Artois "Ice Lounge" ice sculpture competition

    I saw a new Stella Artois commercial the other night at the end of the Office. It was a holiday ad, with a few guys carving different things out of ice. One a piano, one a Christmas tree, and one an intimate lounge. The whole time there's a song playing in the background, Les Douze Jours de...
  12. farbeyond

    Bud Light Lime

    The most recent commercial being aired for Bud Light Lime as of August 2010 uses the song: Kid Sister Ft. Cee-Lo - "Daydreaming" Get it at:
  13. H

    Sapporo Beer

    Hey they got wicket drums in their commercial does anyone know the name of the song/the artist?
  14. D

    Budweiser "Bud Balls"

    Budweiser has always held the standard for funny beer commercials, ever since the bud-weis-er frog days in my opinion... Check this one out- love the lyrics 'even my bawls have balls'. The music was composed by inthegroove music, featuring Chris Bergstrom from Hairball.
  15. T

    Blue Moon

    Anyone know of the music playing during the Blue Moon beer ads? I suspect it was made for the commercial, but I hope not.
  16. A

    Amstel Light

    Does anybody know the song in the NEW amstel light commercial?... its DEFINATELY NOT chelsea dagger by the fratellis which bascially comes up in everything i search for... i need help por favor?!?!?! thank you remember NOT chelsea dagger by the fratellis
  17. K

    Castlemaine XXXX Forex

    Looking for the music for the classic Australian XXXX add " I can feel a forex coming on ...." Kez
  18. C

    Michelob Ultra "Runners"

    Does anyone know the music from the new Michelob Ultra commercial with the man moving from the office to jogging in the city with a woman, and then the two of them at a party? The slogan is something about how there are many sides to your life, so your beer should be multi-faceted, too. Thanks...
  19. P

    Cracked Canoe

    They just started playing this advertisement on TSN (Canada's version of ESPN) during NBA & NHL playoffs, it's for a new beer called "Cracked Canoe". The music they play for it is just sublime... sounds like something downtempo, lo-fi'ish... chillout kinda beat with a jazzy/hip hop bassline...
  20. C

    Miller Chill with Lime

    Hello all! I've seen this commercial a few times and cannot for the life of me figure out the who this is. It sounds so familiar! You can listen here: Any help is much appreciated :-D