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They just started playing this advertisement on TSN (Canada's version of ESPN) during NBA & NHL playoffs, it's for a new beer called "Cracked Canoe". The music they play for it is just sublime... sounds like something downtempo, lo-fi'ish... chillout kinda beat with a jazzy/hip hop bassline.

Closest thing it reminds me of is maybe something by Thievery Corporation? Maybe Metro Area, Gotan Project, Groove Armada? Some sort of intelligent electronica.

Great tune anyways, just looking to see if anyone here knows what it may be/who's it by, or has seen the advertisement. It's a good ad campaign they have for this new beer coming out of the Moosehead brewery.
I'd really like to know this as well.

I only saw the last bit of the commercial. A young lady steps out of a taxi at night in the rain and comes across a man and they both express an interest for each other.

It's a very slow-paced, lounge relaxation song. It was the piano that caught my attention.
Thanks, toaiden!

Seems like a lot of people want to know the song from looking at the comments on YouTube :p
So I actually went and emailed the company using contact information on thier website. This was thier reply when I inquired about the music on the ad.

Hello name,

Thank you for contacting us. Are you referring to our Cracked Canoe
advertisement? If so, the music in the commercial is actually an
original piece that we created with our ad agency for the new brand. You
won't find it anywhere except in our Cracked Canoe television
commercial. We're glad to hear that you enjoy it!

So there you go, that settles that!
by the way I actually made an account on here just to answer this question for you guys.