Michelob "Nice Finish"


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Old commercial, ran maybe a year or two ago. In black and white, at an airport baggage claim. The guy looks over and spots a gorgeous brunette, and begins struggling for a way to talk to her. Everyone else grabs their bags and leaves...it's obvious her bag is lost...just as his pops up. He throws his bag in the garbage, and they head off to grab a beer together.

The song playing is sort of mellow...only lyric I can remember is something like "the world spins round and round, it gets me up, it drags me down..."

Have been trying to find this song since seeing the commercial.
I don't remember this particular ad, and lyric searches aren't providing anything... So the song could have been original music done for the ad.

Anyone else know something?
Uh, o.k. I remember the ad, it was in the 'that's a good finish' or something like that series, anyone know the company that was running those? anyway series of beer commercials where the guy would end up with the girl right? or maybe that's a generalization, anyhow, I'm betting we have it if anyone can come up with the brand I could nail down some lyrics.
Sorry, I'm an idiot, it says miller right in the thread name, on my way!
On a side note, can you believe that people born in 1983 are going to be able to BUY ALCOHOL THIS YEAR??
Afraid they're gonna get some of your share? :lol:
I AM!!!!!!!! :p
That's when I was born! :D I won't be taking from the till though, so no worries.

O.K. what's going on? I can't find these freakin' ads anywhere, and I remember them clearly. Really starting to bug me. We have about 4 years catalogued, they aren't older than that are they?!?

Maybe a search for 'Nice finish?'

KABAM! o.k. back to searching...I'll check in soon.
O.k. here are the lyrics:

"The world is spinning round and round. It's got me up, it's got me down. I'm not sittin' round, I'm not (fadin'?), I'm not sit..." fades out

This is a GREAT song. It's all nice guitar and this uncertain, sorta modest mouse like vocals. Really really nice song, I couldn't track it down based on the lyrics, any of them :(. But if anyone can find it, It's Michelob, black and white, starts at a bar then rewinds to the terminal, no audio other than music, text: "Nice Finish."

Last aired...Just about a year ago it seems.
Originally posted by dascoot@Mar 7 2004, 08:37 PM
On a side note, can you believe that people born in 1983 are going to be able to BUY ALCOHOL THIS YEAR??
sigh... time to pull out my walker...
Thanks for the additional research, Schuyler! I'll try a bit more searching, too, now that I have the correct beer (Miller, Michelob...doesn't matter, I don't drink that stuff).