1. TheSharkzfan

    Michelob Ultra "Ultra Life"

    Does anyone know the song that is featured in the new Michelob Ultra commercial? I couldn't find a video of the commercial anywhere, but it has a man driving, golfing, working in a penthouse (aka living the ultra life). The song in the background goes "so come on.... yeah, come on," if that...
  2. leone

    Michelob Ultra

    Caught this commercial tonight. It featured "Song 2" by Blur (Amazon) (iTunes)
  3. C

    Michelob Ultra "Runners"

    Does anyone know the music from the new Michelob Ultra commercial with the man moving from the office to jogging in the city with a woman, and then the two of them at a party? The slogan is something about how there are many sides to your life, so your beer should be multi-faceted, too. Thanks...
  4. S

    Michelob beach bonfire

    I believe it is Michelob's. Its within the same theme as the one where the young kids are at the pool with the Kooks in the background. But this one is with 20 somethings on a beach at dusk drinking beer at a bonfire. Its a weird tune, woman singing in an airy voice.
  5. K

    Michelob Amber Bock

    I'd like to know the name of the song in the new Michelob commerical. In the commercial they are mostly talking about the barley they use I believe. The song is a classic rock song from the 70s. Maybe the Doobie Brothers or something like that. I know the song but I just can't think of it. Help...
  6. B

    Michelob Ultra biking

    There is a new Michelob Ultra commercial with bike enthusiasts riding around. Does anyone know what that music track is, or where to get it? thanks!
  7. T

    Michelob Light

    lyrics start out: "I can feel a change a comin' Start anew Change Change will do ya good" etc What is this song? Can anyone help? thank you-- TER
  8. L

    Michelob "Mood"

    Michelob "Mood" Hi, sorry if this has been answered before, but what's the first music (hip hop) on the Michelob - Set the mood ad? (ad here http://advertisementave.com/tv/ad.asp?adid=586). It's the guy with the bang olufsen stereo who then does the retarded dance for the hot woman. Thanks.
  9. J

    Michelob Ultra playing beach volleyball

    Cool song being played while hot looking 20-somethings play beach volleyball, part hip-hop part techno... Anybody know? :o
  10. D

    Michelob Light track

    I don't remember exactly what the music lyrics were, but the commercial featured a guy and a girl running around a track, and it aired periodically during the olympics. The slogan was something like "A light beer as active as you." Does anyone know the song?
  11. S

    Michelob "Danny Boy"

    Michelob "Danny Boy" Does anyone know who the punk sounding band is in the new Michelob commercial singing Danny Boy? :devil: It's driving me crazy!!! -nikkisixx
  12. K

    Michelob Light Necktie

    Commercial has guy in hotel, waiting in front of his room, then he meets a girl and she puts a necktie on the door. Song is foreign, either french or spanish, sounds very familiar but can't find it anywhere. Any help is much appreciated.
  13. A

    Michelob Ultra swimming pool race

    Michelob commercial with boy and girl im sure people have seen the commercial for it...can somebody please tell me the song :o